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Bhagyalakshmi-SSA | After-sale Service for Bhagyalakshmi - Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme (SSA) | India Post to handle Karnataka Government Bhagyalakshmi Yojana

After-sale Service for Bhagyalakshmi -  Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme. Ref:     This office letter of even number dated 02-09-2021

This is in continuation to this office letter cited.  It is requested to take action as per the SOP circulated vide said letter.  In order to facilitate the Department of Women &  Child  Development, Government  of  Karnataka  authorities  an  FAQ  has  been provided in on Bhagyalakshmi - SSA Scheme. (User Id 01-001 & Pwd:)

For Downloading Bhagyalakshmi-SSA Related Queries :

A  copy  the  same is endowed for ready  reference.   The  contact  details  of each Superintendent /  Senior  Superintendent  of  Post  Offices  in  Karnataka  and  DWCD authorities in each district is made available in the website.   It is requested to extend all the support to DWCD a   well-as individual beneficiaries.  Wherever necessary and requested, an educative session can be held to educate the DWCD authorities on the Bhagyalakshmi-SSA Scheme.

Suitable instructions are given below for information  and necessary  action at your end.   All the Divisional heads / Sub-Divisional Heads / Post Offices may please be informed of the same.

a)  Accepting subsequent deposit into Bhaqyalakshmi-SSA accounts - As per the provisions   in  core banking   solutions   through   finade,   deposits   into   the Bhagyalakshmi-SSA can be accepted at any departmental  Head Post Office / Sub-Post Offices as per”the provisions in SB Order 09/2018 dated 17.07.2018 and Rule 26 of POSB general rules 1981.  However, since the same facility is not 

available in RICT device, subsequent deposits by the depositor can not be accepted at Branch Post Offices.

b)   Opening of POSA linked IPPB accounts in favor of the Bhagyalakshmi-SSA accounts  holders  (guardian)  for  depositing  subsequent  deposits  (individual) through  online:  The  list  of  Bhagyalakshmi-SSA  has  been  shared   to  the concerned Divisions District wise / Taluk wise.  It is requested to encourage the post  offices  to  open  POSA  linked  IPPB  accounts  for  Bhagyalakshmi-SSA beneficiaries  i.e.,  in  the  name  of  the  guardian  in  these  accounts  so  as  to facilitate  online  subsequent  deposit  into  these  accounts  individually  by  them subject to the maximum limit for deposit in a financial year.

c)  Following after sale service i/r/o of bhagyalakshmi-SSA will be carried out at Bengalore GPO. FAQ contains the procedure for each service and  how  they  are  to  be  availed.  It requested  to  go  througaccordingly.  The  request  for  after  sale  service  by  the  beneficiary  girl  child needs to be sent through the concerned Deputy Director, DWCD of the District.

Issue of duplicate passbook  in case   of damaged / lost pass book.

Changes in:

i.  Name of the child / guardian.

ii.   Date of birth of child / guardian.

iii.   Address of the guardian.

iv.   Nomination.

v.   Change of guardian under various circumstances.

vi.   First page entries missing.

Statement  of  claim  cases  in  case  of  death  of  the  girl  child  who  is Bhagyalakshmi-SSA beneficiary.

d)   Whenever  Bhagyalakshmi-SSA pass  book  is  received  for  either  subsequent deposit or for making pass book entries of transactions through pass books :-

Please confirm that there is no other SSA account in the name of the girl child either at any post  office / nationalised bank.

If there is more than one SSA account including  Bhagyalakshmi  SSA account in tr›e name of the  girl child (Bhagyalakshmi beneficiary),  the one opened first will be treated as regular SSA 

account and the second one will be treated as account opened in contravention of rules and be dosed 

 as per the provision  of Rule  3(2)  of SSA  scheme  Rules  2019 read         Rule-25(1)  of POSB  

(CBS)  Manual.    Concerned  depositor may guided  properly-refering to WFAO provided.Pass book entries may be done using the PB printer only and updated pass book may be returned to the concerned depositor.

The facility of online deposit through POSA linked IPPB account may be explained  to  the  

depositor  and  promoted   to  utilise  the  same  for subsequent deposits.

e)   Closure of SSA opened in contravention of Rules:

[Rule No. 3(2) of SSA Scheme Rules 2019 read with Rule 25(1) of POSB (CBS) Manual]

Ask the depositor  to produce  both SSA pass  books and compare  the

date of opening.If  the  SSA  account  opened  individually  in the  name  of  the  girl  child (Bhagyalakshmi beneficiary)  is the first one, then it will be treated  as regular  account  and  the  other  one  

i.e.,  Bhagyalakshmi-SSA  opened thereafter will be treated as account opened in contravention of Rules.  In such a scenario, please guide the depositor for: -

i.   Closure  of  Bhagyalakshmi-SSA  by  applying  for  the  same  to Chief  PO9tmaster,  Bengaluru GPO  through  concerned  Deputy

Director DWCD authority of the District. A format of application is given in FAQ.

ii.   SSA (individual  account) needs  to be transferred  to Bengaluru

GPO  to facilitate subsequent deposit  ot Rz.3000/-  per  year by OWCD Govt. of Karnataka.   The service charges for transfer of account  @  Rs.100/-  with  18%  GST  [i.e.,  Rs.118/-] may  be 

accepted  and a receipt be given to the depositor  to submit the application for transfer of the said account to Chief Postmaster, Bengaluru   GPO  through  Deputy  Director  of  DWCD  of  the concerned district.

If the Bhagyalakshmi-SSA account opened in the name of the girl child is the first one and the other account is opened in her name individually, then  Bhagyalakshmi-SSA  will  continue  as  regular  account  and  the individual SSA account opened later will be treated as account opened in contravention of Rules.

In such a scenario, please guide the depositor to: -

i.   Submit application to the Postmaster of the office where the later SSA account has been opened 

in the name of the girl child. The Bj9]0tiCdtiOff            pfDvid9tt irr FAQ may please be use‹t.

ii.   Postmaster  of  that  office  will  accept  the  applications  with  its endosures  and after cordirming the SSA account as opened in contravention   of   Rules,   take   action   to   close   

the   account accordingly.

iii.   If  the  depeeitor  requests for depositing  the amount  of  cloaura proceeds into the 

regular Bhagyalakshmi -SSA, the amount may be got credited to that account.

f}   Collection of duly filled in applications along with its endosure (hard copy) horn Deputy Director of DWCD of the district.

Duly filled in applications along with its' endosure may be got collected from the concerned  Deputy  Director  of DWCD  as per the SOP  dated 02-09-2021.   The same may be sent by  service  to 

Chief Postmaster, Bengaluru  GPO  after  retaining  one  copy  of  the  letter  from  Deputy 

Director as office copy.

These instructions may please be brought to the notice of all the concerned for information and 

necessary action at their end.

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