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Guidelines of holding elective office under Rule 15(1)(c) of CCS(Conduct) Rules 1964 by Office Bearers of Service Associations/Federations

The undersigned  is directed to forward the DoP&T 's O.M. No.11013/1/2016-Estt.A-Ill dated 27.02.2020 (copy enclosed) for strict and immediate compliance.

2.         As per the above OM of DOPT dated 27.02.2020, the Government servant, who intends to be elected as an office-bearer  of a Service Association, has to seek  prior permission  under Rule  15(1)(c)  of  CCS  (Conduct)  Rules.  1964.  

While  applying  for  prior  permission.  the Government   servant  shall  furnish   the  details  of’  the  offices   in  any  elective   body  (i.e. Association/Federation/any   other   elective   body   including   Postal   Service   Association/ Federation etc.) he has held  till that date in his entire career (format enclosed). 

The applicant shall submit a self-declaration also certifying  veracity  of the information  he has furnished  as per  format.  In  case  information  submitted  (whole  or  part)  is  found  to  be  incorrect  later, appropriate  action  for  violation  of  CCS (Conduct)  Rules,  1964  will  be  initiated  against the official concerned.

3. The  application  for  prior  permission  shall  be  processed  in  a  time  bound  manner  as under

(a) For Bodies Up to Regional and Circle Level

(i)        The Government  Servant shall  apply for prior  permission  to his controlling authority (Head of Unit where the official is working/posted) in enclosed format at least 30 days before the date of election.

(ii)       The controlling authority shall forward it to the Permission Granting Authority for grant of permission or otherwise  within a week of receipt of the application.  Before forwarding the applications, the controlling authority shall verify service particulars (and vigilance clearance. if required) of the applicant.

(iii)      The Permission Granting Authority is as follows:

•    For bodies up to Regional Level: Head of the Region.

•     For bodies at Circle Level: Head of the Circle (HOC).

B. For Bodies at National level

(i)        The  Government  Servant  shall  apply  for  prior  permission  to  concerned  controlling officer in the enclosed  format at least 45 days before the date of election.

(ii)       Controlling    Officer  after  scrutinizing  the  information  shall  forward  the  application through  Circle  Office  along   with   Verification   Certificate   (format  enclosed) to  Director (SR)/ADG(SRJ  of the Department  for prior  permission at least 30 days before the date of the election.

(iii)      Member (Personnel) will be the competent authority  to grant permission.

4.         It is necessary tor the Competent Authority to keep in mind all the relevant factors while granting permission  under Rule 15(1)(c) of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 as per the guidelines of DOP&T’s OM dated 27.02.2020.

5.           In  case any  deficiency  comes to the  notice  of competent  authority  after election.  the details of such  elected  office-bearer(s) may  be  verified  and  action  may  be taken against  the erring Government  Servant  accordingly.

6.        On  part of a Government  Servant  not obtaining  prior permission  for holding elective office in any Association,  recognized  or unrecognized,  and also holding any elective office in any Association for more than specific period  as prescribed above, would attract action under the provisions of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964.

7.         This Office Memorandum  should  be given  wide publicity  in order to bring the above instructions to the notice of all concerned  in this Department.

This has the approval of the Secretary (Posts).

Download Rule 15(1)(c) of CCS(Conduct) Rules

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