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IPPB POSA Linkage Enhancement Process SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

SOP- Enhancements in the POSA Linkage Process. Download Enhancements in the IPPB POSA Linkage Process SOP 2024 in PDF.

Document Name SOP — Enhancements in the POSA Linkage process



2.0 Key Enhancements

3.0 Changes in POSA Linkage Process FLOW 

3.1 Display of POSA Account names and modification in CONSENTS 

3.1.1 Revised CBS Flow for POSA Linkage 

3.1.2 Revised MATM flow for POSA Linkage

4.0 Removal of POSA Linkage option during Account opening flOW

5.0 Random cross-checking at CPC

5.1 What should End-users do if the Request is Under ProceSSiNg?

5.2 SMS Alerts 

5.3 Sweep Transactions when linkage request is under process at CPC

5.4 Exception scenario and follow Up With CPC

6.0 Exception process to handle rejected POSA linkage request 

6.1 Processing Customer Request for offline POSA Linkage

7.0 POSA Delinking - offline process to Manage EXCEPTIONS 

8.0 Checking POSA Linkage status and Details 

9.0 Process Steps with roles and responsibilities

10.0 Frequently Asked QUESTION’S

1.0 Introduction

The objective of the document is to illustrate the multiple enhancements made in the POSA Linkage and related processes. POSA Linkage has been a unique offering whereby an IPPB customer having an eligible POSA account can get the said accounts linked and perform sweep out and sweep in transactions as per need. This also enables the Bank to comply with regulatory guidelines and ensure IPPB accounts do not end up having a balance more than the permitted threshold of Rs. 2 Lakh at EOD.

Enhancements broadly cover display of POSA account holder name to End-user, handling of timed-out instances, Delinking of accounts in deceased cases and random cross-checking at CPC.

It is a known fact that customers having POSA linked accounts, end up transacting more and maintain higher balances in their Savings accounts. With the proposed enhancements, we should confidently pitch POSA linkage as an offering to potential customers.

Key Enhancements

Display of POSA Account Name during linking- As of now, the POSA Linkage process involves End-user scrutinising the UIDAI fetched details and matching the same with the POSA passbook produced by the customer and consenting to that effect. To aid and assist the end-users, the POSA Account name- as fetched from DoP- shall also be displayed as prompt side by side with the IPPB Account name.

Handling of Timed out cases-

On few occasions, Branches have reported that the account shows linked to POSA but the Sweep transaction is not happening. If they try to delink the account, an error is shown saying “Account is not linked”. These scenarios occurred due to timed-out instances. As part of enhancements, this will be handled by routing all such timed-out requests One more time at the end of the day. This will be managed by the system automatically.

Delinking of IPPB account with POSA in deceased cases-

During the settlement of the deceased claim, this has been a problem area. Delinking required biometric authentication which could not be done in case of Deceased customers and Backend support was needed. Going forward, such cases will be managed by CPC basis Branch request.

Linking of Accounts in case of a small difference in the name-

As POSA name fetched from DoP will be displayed to End users, and if names differ, they may choose not to link the accounts. However, there may be genuine cases where the slight variation in name is justifiable with documentary evidence and Branch is satisfied with the same. For such cases and based on branch recommendation, POSA Linkage will be undertaken at CPC. The process is detailed in section 6.0 of this document.

Random Cross-checking at CPC-

CPC will play a supervisory role in POSA Linkage and may take up to 3 working days to scrutinise records where it feels that IPPB and POSA account names do not match. Such POSA Linkage requests will be only “submitted for processing” in real-time but final processing will be done at CPC within 3 working days. Records may be rejected or processed and appropriate messages will be sent to the customer to keep them duly informed.

Cooling Period-

Only after the POSA linkage has been successfully processed, can the Sweep out transaction be undertaken. If the request for POSA linkage is still under process, Sweep transactions cannot be undertaken. For Sweep-in transactions, a cooling period of 24 Hrs shall apply after successful POSA linkage. Cooling period and transactions allowed scenarios are tabulated in FAQ also for better clarity.

3.0 Changes in POSA Linkage Process Flow

3.1 Display of POSA Account names and modification in consents

As mentioned above, to aid and assist End users in the POSA Linkage process, the POSA Account name would be fetched from DoP and displayed along with the IPPB Account name. It shall be noted that the existing process of perusal of POSA passbook and matching details with IPPB account will continue hitherto. Display of both account names is an additional facility for enhancing the POSA Linkage process and NOT a replacement of the existing process. End-users shall be conveyed, of this, very specifically.

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