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Postal Assistant (PA) Induction Training | Induction Training for officials who have opted PA (PO) from PA (SBCO)

Subject: Regarding Induction Training for officials who have opted PA (PO) from PA (SBCO).

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Ref. No.: Dte Letter No. Q-25/11/2022-PE-|-DOP dated 16.11.2022.

F No. 1-22/2010-Trg Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (Training Division) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi — 110001 Dated: 04/06/2024

This is with reference to letter issued with even number dated 04.05.2023 & 12.05.2023, regarding refresher and Induction Training of officials who have opted PA (PO) from PA (SBCO).

2. It has been determined that officials who were initially recruited as PA (SBCO) and have already undergone Induction Training do not require additional Induction training. However, officials from the PA (SBCO) cadre who are still on probation and have not yet received Induction Training should be provided with Induction Training for the PA (PO) cadre at the relevant PTC. Necessary actions regarding their probation should be taken accordingly at the Circle level.

3. All PTCs and RTCs are requested to arrange a comprehensive refresher- training program for all officials who have already undergone Induction Training in PA (SBCO) cadre, covering ail aspects of Finacle, McCamish, and other counter/treasury operations conducted at the PO level. This training should be based on the training provided to PA (PO). Circles are requested to issue the appropriate notifications in a phased manner to ensure that all officials receive training at their respective PTCs/RTCs.

This has the approval of Competent Authority.

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