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Request for Clarification on CCS Leave Rules, 1972 regarding Conversion of Half Pay Leave upto 03 days without Medical Certificate to Commuted Leave

 Addressing Practical Issues in CCS Leave Rules: BPMS Appeals for Clarification

The Bharatiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh (BPMS), an all India federation of defense workers, has recently raised a pertinent concern regarding the conversion of Half Pay Leave (HPL) into Commuted Leave under the Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules, 1972. In a letter addressed to the Ministry of Defence and the Department of Personnel & Training (DoP&T), BPMS seeks clarification on a specific scenario concerning the absence of provisions for converting short-duration HPL into Commuted Leave without a medical certificate. Let's delve into the details of their request and its implications.

Practical Issue at Hand:
Under Rule 19(6) of the CCS Leave Rules 1972, employees are permitted to avail leave for a maximum of three days at a time without the necessity of a medical certificate. However, this type of leave is not categorized as leave on medical grounds and is charged against leave other than medical grounds. Conversely, Rule 30(1) allows for the grant of Commuted Leave on the submission of a medical certificate, where double the duration of such leave is deducted from the HPL entitlement.

Request for Clarification:
The practical challenge arises when an employee wishes to convert up to three days of HPL, obtained without a medical certificate, into Commuted Leave. Presently, the rules lack clarity on this specific scenario, causing confusion and inconvenience for employees.

Proposed Solution:
To address this issue, BPMS proposes that the competent authority, at its discretion, may waive the requirement of a medical certificate for HPL applications for a duration not exceeding three days at a time. Such leave should be treated as Commuted Leave, and twice the duration of such leave should be debited against the HPL entitlement, as per Rule 30(1) of the CCS Leave Rules, 1972.

Rationale and Impact:
This proposed clarification or amendment would streamline the leave application process and alleviate practical difficulties faced by employees. It would ensure consistency and fairness in the application of leave rules across government departments, ultimately enhancing employee welfare and administrative efficiency.

The request from BPMS underscores the importance of addressing practical challenges within the CCS Leave Rules, 1972, to better serve the needs of government employees. A prompt clarification or amendment in line with the proposed solution would not only facilitate smoother leave management but also reinforce transparency and fairness in administrative procedures.

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