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Transitioning from BO UPI QR through IPPB to SBI Dynamic QR Code (To deactivate “BO UPI QR through IPPB”)

File no. Te-51/10/2020-Tech-Part Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (Technology Division) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi-110001 Date: 07.02.2024 

Title: Transitioning from BO UPI QR through IPPB to SBI Dynamic QR Code: A Step towards Streamlining Digital Payments in Indian Post Offices

Download To deactivate “BO UPI QR through IPPB” (the existing digital payment at BOs) in PDF

In a move aimed at modernizing digital payment systems within the Indian postal network, the Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts, has directed the deactivation of the existing digital payment method, "BO UPI QR through IPPB" at Branch Offices (BOs). The directive, issued on 07.02.2024, marks a significant transition in the operational landscape of digital transactions within the Department of Posts.

The decision to discontinue the Standard Accounting Procedure for "BO UPI QR through IPPB," which was issued earlier via PA/CSI/02/131/2022-23 on 20.05.2022, comes in conjunction with the implementation of the "SBI Dynamic QR Code" across Head Offices (HOs), Sub-Offices (SOs), and BOs. This strategic shift underscores the Department of Posts' commitment to embracing more efficient and streamlined digital payment solutions.

Effective implementation of the "SBI Dynamic QR Code" promises several benefits, including enhanced transactional efficiency, improved reconciliation processes, and a more seamless customer experience. By adopting this standardized approach to digital payments, the Department of Posts aims to align its operations with contemporary industry standards while meeting the evolving needs of its clientele.

All Circles under the Department of Posts are tasked with ensuring the smooth transition from the previous system to the new "SBI Dynamic QR Code" framework. Additionally, they are responsible for reconciling and settling all transactions conducted through IPPB QR at Branch Post Offices, as well as addressing any customer grievances promptly and effectively.

This directive, issued with the approval of the competent authority, reflects the Department of Posts' proactive stance towards embracing innovation and leveraging technology to optimize its service delivery. By embracing modern digital payment solutions, the Department of Posts reaffirms its commitment to providing convenient, secure, and reliable services to its customers across the nation.

In conclusion, the transition from "BO UPI QR through IPPB" to "SBI Dynamic QR Code" marks a significant milestone in the evolution of digital payment systems within the Indian postal network. This strategic move underscores the Department of Posts' dedication to modernizing its operations and enhancing customer satisfaction in alignment with the nation's digital transformation agenda.

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