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Rotation of Mail Overseers (MO) | Download Mail Overseers (MO) Rotation Circular in PDF

Title: Enhancing Accountability: Karnataka Circle Advocates for Rotation of Mail Overseers


In response to growing concerns regarding the performance of Mail Overseers within the postal department, the Office of the Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle, has issued a directive emphasizing the importance of rotation for Mail Overseers. This initiative aims to address issues such as corruption, misuse of official position, and harassment of GDS employees, ensuring greater accountability and efficiency in mail management operations.

Download Mail Overseers (MO) Rotation Circular in PDF


Recent complaints received by the Karnataka Circle have highlighted various allegations against Mail Overseers, including instances of corruption, misuse of authority, and harassment of GDS employees. Given the sensitive nature of their responsibilities, which include verifying the work of Branch Post Offices, delivery work of ABPMs, and handling complaints, it is imperative to closely monitor their activities and maintain transparency in their roles.

Directive for Rotation:

In light of these concerns, the Karnataka Circle has underscored the necessity of rotating Mail Overseers every three years. This rotation policy aims to prevent complacency, promote fairness, and mitigate the risks associated with prolonged tenures in sensitive positions. Additionally, the directive allows for the possibility of rotation after two years if deemed necessary based on prevailing circumstances.

Call for Action:

The directive calls upon the Postmaster Generals of North Karnataka Region, South Karnataka Region, and Bengaluru HO Region to review the tenure of Mail Overseers and take appropriate action in accordance with the rotation policy. It emphasizes the need for close monitoring by IP/ASPs and stresses the importance of submitting compliance reports to ensure adherence to the directive.


The initiative to rotate Mail Overseers within the Karnataka Circle reflects a commitment to accountability, transparency, and efficiency in the postal department. By addressing concerns related to performance and conduct, the directive aims to uphold the integrity of mail management operations and foster a culture of professionalism and responsibility. It is hoped that the implementation of this rotation policy will lead to improved service delivery and greater public trust in the postal system.

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