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Proposal for Formulation of Separate Associations for GDS Employees (GDS BPM, ABPM & Packer)

Addressing Diversity in India's Postal Services: Proposal for Separate Associations for GDS Employees. (F. No. SR-10/01/2024-SR-DOP) dated 15/02/2024.

In a recent development within the Ministry of Communications, Department of Post, there has been a call for the formulation of separate and distinct categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) employees. The proposal aims to address the diverse roles and responsibilities undertaken by GDS employees across the nation and ensure that their interests are adequately represented. This move highlights a significant step towards recognizing the unique contributions of these employees within India's postal services.

Download formulation of separate distinct category of GDS BPM, GDS ABPM and GDS Packer Association in PDF

At present, there exist three primary categories of GDS employees: GDS Branch Post Master (BPM), GDS Assistant Branch Post Master (ABPM), and GDS Packer. Despite the clear distinctions in their roles and functions, they are currently unified under a single service association. This consolidation has led to concerns regarding the representation and advocacy for the specific needs and concerns of each category.

The proposal suggests the formation of three distinct associations representing each category of GDS employees:

GDS BPM: This category comprises employees who serve as Branch Post Masters. They are responsible for the efficient functioning of post offices at the grassroots level, handling various postal services, and managing administrative tasks within their jurisdiction.

GDS ABPM: Assistant Branch Post Masters play a crucial role in supporting the BPMs. They assist in day-to-day operations, including sorting and delivery of mail, managing financial transactions, and providing customer service. Their role is integral to ensuring smooth postal operations at the local level.

Dak Sewak: This category encompasses GDS Packers, along with other auxiliary roles within the postal service. Packers are primarily involved in the packaging and dispatching of mail and parcels. They play a vital role in the logistics chain of postal services, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of consignments.

The proposal emphasizes the need for separate associations to better cater to the diverse interests and concerns of each category of GDS employees. By establishing dedicated forums for representation, it aims to foster greater engagement and collaboration within the GDS community. These associations would serve as platforms for advocacy, negotiation, and addressing specific challenges faced by GDS employees in their respective roles.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Communications has invited input and feedback from relevant service associations and officials to inform further action on this matter. This inclusive approach underscores the commitment to democratic decision-making and ensuring the voices of stakeholders are heard and considered.

In conclusion, the proposal for separate associations for GDS employees reflects a progressive step towards recognizing the unique contributions and needs of each category within India's postal services. By fostering greater representation and advocacy, it seeks to enhance the welfare and empowerment of GDS employees across the nation, ultimately contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of India's postal network.

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