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AIGDSU's Opposition to the Proposed Formation of Separate Unions for GDS Categories

A Unified Voice: AIGDSU's Opposition to the Proposed Formation of Separate Unions for GDS Categories

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In response to the recent proposal from the Ministry of Communications regarding the formation of separate unions for Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) categories—BPM, ABPM, and Packers—the All India Gramin Dak Sevaks Union (AIGDSU) has voiced strong opposition. Led by President P.M. Jaiswal and General Secretary S.S. Mahadevaiah, AIGDSU, headquartered in Padam Nagar, Delhi, stands firm in its assertion that such categorization undermines the fundamental unity and purpose of the GDS workforce.

The proposal suggests that GDS employees, based on their roles as Branch Post Masters (BPM), Assistant Branch Post Masters (ABPM), or Packers, should have separate unions to represent their interests. However, AIGDSU contests this notion, emphasizing several key points that underscore the unity and coherence of the GDS cadre:

Unified Recruitment Rules: AIGDSU points out that GDS recruitment rules are uniform across all roles, indicating a commonality in qualifications and selection processes. This uniformity reflects a shared identity among GDS employees, irrespective of their specific job titles.

Interchangeable Responsibilities: The union highlights instances where GDS employees perform duties across different roles interchangeably. For example, a GDS-ABPM may undertake tasks typically assigned to a GDS-BPM and vice versa. This fluidity in responsibilities further supports the argument for a unified representation of GDS employees.

Transferability within Category: AIGDSU draws attention to the transferability of GDS employees within the cadre. The ability for GDS-ABPMs to be transferred as GDS-BPMs illustrates the interconnectedness of roles within the GDS category, reinforcing the notion of a cohesive workforce.

Administrative Concerns: AIGDSU raises practical concerns regarding the proposed fragmentation of GDS unions. Dividing the workforce into separate entities could lead to conflicting interests and viewpoints, complicating administrative processes and potentially disrupting the harmonious functioning of postal services.

In light of these considerations, AIGDSU vehemently opposes the formation of separate unions for GDS categories, advocating for the preservation of the unified identity of GDS employees. The union asserts that such division would not serve the interests of either the administration or the GDS workforce, and instead, it could lead to fragmentation and discord within the community.

As AIGDSU's message reverberates across the GDS landscape, it urges stakeholders to recognize the strength and solidarity that emanate from unity. By standing together as one cohesive entity, GDS employees can continue to uphold the values of diligence, dedication, and service that are intrinsic to India's postal network.

In conclusion, AIGDSU's resolute stance reflects the unwavering commitment to safeguarding the collective interests of GDS employees and preserving the integrity of their longstanding camaraderie. As the debate unfolds, the voice of unity echoes loud and clear, resonating with the spirit of solidarity that defines the GDS community.

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