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Performance Analysis of the "EK KHATA PRATYEK SHAKHA" Campaign in Post Office (DOP)

Title: Performance Analysis of the "EK KHATA PRATYEK SHAKHA" Campaign in Karnataka Circle


The "EK KHATA PRATYEK SHAKHA" campaign, conducted from 29th January 2024 to 7th February 2024, aimed to enhance the accessibility and utilization of IPPB (India Post Payments Bank) banking services across post offices in Karnataka Circle. This article provides an insightful analysis of the campaign's performance during the specified period.

Campaign Objective:

The primary objective of the campaign was to promote the opening of at least one IPPB account per IPPB LIVE post office in Karnataka Circle. The overarching goal was to activate all access points within the circle, thereby expanding the reach and availability of banking services to a wider population.

Target and Achievements:

With a total of 9,648 access points across Karnataka Circle, the campaign set a target of 9,648 IPPB account openings. However, during the campaign period, 60.68% of the allotted target was achieved, with 5,854 access points actively participating in the initiative.

Challenges Faced:

Despite the concerted efforts, certain challenges were encountered during the campaign. Notably, 1,598 access points operated under stop-gap arrangements, indicating temporary impediments to full-fledged participation. Additionally, 2,196 access points were yet to become active, posing logistical hurdles in achieving the desired target.

Way Forward:

While the campaign witnessed significant progress, there remains room for improvement in realizing the full potential of IPPB banking services across Karnataka Circle. Addressing the challenges faced, including the activation of pending access points and overcoming stop-gap arrangements, will be crucial in advancing the objectives of financial inclusion and accessibility.


The "EK KHATA PRATYEK SHAKHA" campaign exemplifies the commitment of Karnataka Circle towards leveraging technology and innovation to enhance banking services' accessibility. Despite encountering challenges, the campaign's achievements underscore the strides made towards expanding financial inclusion and empowering communities across the region. Moving forward, sustained efforts and strategic interventions will be imperative in realizing the overarching goals of the campaign and fostering inclusive growth and development. 

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