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Documents Required from GDS Online Engagement Selected Candidates 2024 - During Verification by Postal Authority

DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FROM SELECTED CANDIDATES of GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) Online Engagement in Post Office (India Post/DOP).

Download Documents Required from GDS Online Engagement Selected Candidates 2024 - During Verification by Postal Authority in PDF

After successfully clearing the selection process for the position, candidates are required to submit a set of documents to complete the formalities. These documents are crucial for verification purposes and ensuring compliance with the necessary regulations. Here's a comprehensive list of documents to be submitted by the selected candidate:

a) Original SSC Memo: The original Secondary School Certificate (SSC) memorandum is required to verify the educational qualifications of the candidate.

b) Original Community Certificate: This certificate serves as proof of the candidate's community or caste affiliation.

c) EWS/PWD(PH) Certificate (if applicable): Candidates selected under the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) or Persons with Disabilities (PWD) categories must submit their respective certificates for verification.

d) Certificate of Computer Knowledge: A certificate demonstrating the candidate's proficiency in computer knowledge is required for certain positions.

e) Copy of Aadhar Card: A copy of the Aadhar card, serving as proof of identity and address, is essential.

f) Attestation Forms: Three sets of attestation forms (Page 1 to 6) duly signed by a Gazetted Officer are to be submitted. The Gazetted Officer's signature on Page 6 serves as an identity certificate.

g) Oath of Allegiance: Two sets of the Oath of Allegiance forms (Page 7 & 8) are required from the selected candidate.

h) Health Certificate: Two sets of health certificates issued by a Government Doctor (Page 9) are necessary for ensuring the candidate's medical fitness.

i) Conduct Certificates: Two conduct certificates from different Gazetted Officers (Page 10) are to be submitted as proof of the candidate's conduct and character.

j) Declaration-I Form: The Declaration-I form (Page 11) needs to be filled and submitted by the candidate.

k) Declaration-II Form: Similarly, the Declaration-II form (Page 12) must be filled and submitted as part of the document set.

l) Undertaking on Bond Paper: An undertaking on bond paper of Rs.100/- is required, affirming that the candidate possesses adequate means of livelihood for themselves and their family, apart from the TRCA (allowances) provided by the Government of India, Department of Posts. A sample copy of this undertaking is provided on Page 13 for reference.

These documents are vital for the verification process and ensuring the authenticity and eligibility of the selected candidate for the position. It is imperative for candidates to submit these documents promptly to proceed with the appointment process smoothly. Failure to provide any of the required documents may result in disqualification or delay in the appointment process. Candidates are advised to ensure that all documents are duly filled, signed, and submitted as per the specified instructions to avoid any discrepancies or complications.

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