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Capacity Utilization of Semi-Automated Parcel hubs (PH) having DWS Sorting System

Enhancing Parcel Processing Efficiency: Department of Posts (DOP) Issues Guidelines for Semi-Automated Parcel Hubs

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The Department of Posts, under the Ministry of Communications, Government of India, is taking strides towards optimizing its parcel processing capabilities with the utilization of semi-automated parcel hubs equipped with Dynamic Weighing and Sorting (DWS) systems. In a recent communication addressed to all Chief Postmasters General and Postmasters General, the Department highlights the imperative of effectively utilizing these advanced facilities to streamline parcel handling operations across the postal network.

Semi-automated sorting systems, featuring conveyor belts and dynamic weighing technology, have been successfully deployed in eight major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Hyderabad. These strategically positioned centers boast a commendable parcel processing capacity of up to 2500 parcels per hour, making them ideally suited for efficiently managing the burgeoning volume of e-Commerce parcels.

However, during recent inspections conducted by senior officers of the Department, concerns have been raised regarding the underutilization of the installed machinery at these parcel hubs and booking locations. In response to these observations, a comprehensive review was undertaken, revealing operational discrepancies that hinder the optimal functioning of these state-of-the-art facilities.

To address these challenges, the Department has identified several operational issues along with corresponding action items to enhance the utilization of semi-automated parcel hubs:

1. Poor Quality Bar Codes: The presence of blurred, shrunk, or damaged bar code stickers on parcels impedes the DWS system's ability to fetch booking data, resulting in rejected articles.

Action Item: Circles are instructed to procure good quality bar code stickers and sensitize customers about printing bar codes in the prescribed format.

2. Improper Packaging of Parcels: Parcels enclosed in high-density covers with obscured bar codes pose challenges for the automated system.

Action Item: Instructions are issued to ensure that bar codes are affixed to the outer packaging in a visible manner, minimizing errors during processing.

3. Non-availability of Pin Codes: Inaccurate or missing pin codes in booking data lead to rejection by the DWS system.

Action Item: Booking locations are directed to capture correct pin codes during parcel booking, with emphasis on regular synchronization of data.

4. Dimension and Shape of Parcels: Articles with dimensions below the prescribed limits or irregular shapes often lead to rejections.

Action Item: Circles are tasked with issuing appropriate instructions to ensure correct booking practices, particularly for Registered and Speed Post parcels.

5. Booking Data in Hard Copy: Encouraging bulk customers to adopt soft booking data can streamline operations and unlock additional benefits.

In light of these findings, the Department urges all Postal and RMS divisions to disseminate suitable instructions for implementation. An action taken report is requested by 25th January 2024 to monitor progress and ensure compliance with the prescribed guidelines.

By proactively addressing operational challenges and leveraging technological advancements, the Department of Posts aims to enhance parcel processing efficiency and deliver superior service to customers across the nation.

This directive is issued with the approval of the competent authority, underscoring the Department's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in its operations.


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