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Reconciliation of IPPB UPI QR Payments made in BOs (Branch Post Offices)


The Office of the Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle, Bengaluru, has issued a directive regarding the reconciliation of IPPB UPI QR Payments made in Branch Offices (BOs). Highlighting discrepancies and the need for urgent action, the directive emphasizes adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and the importance of manual voucher posting entries in CSI (Core Systems Integrator) to rectify discrepancies.

Key Points:

Directive Overview: The directive addresses the reconciliation of IPPB UPI QR Payments made in Branch Offices (BOs) and refers to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) issued by the Directorate for guidance.

Importance of Manual Voucher Posting: Emphasizing the importance of manual voucher posting entries, the directive underlines the necessity to ensure the accurate accounting of successfully booked transactions through UPI QR Payments at BOs. The directive outlines specific GL codes and descriptions for the manual entries to be made.

Identification of Discrepancies: The directive highlights the observation that many Sub Post Offices/Account Offices are not making manual voucher posting entries in CSI for successfully booked QR Payment transactions, resulting in discrepancies. A total discrepancy of Rs. 1,28,440.70 has been reported as of January 31, 2024, by the Office of GM PAF, Bengaluru.

Deactivation of BO UPI QR through IPPB: Referring to a recent directive from the Postal Directorate, the directive notes that BO UPI QR through IPPB will be deactivated. It urges immediate reconciliation of discrepancies by issuing necessary instructions to all Sub Post Offices/Account Offices and escalating pending refund requests from customers on a daily basis.


The directive serves as a call to action for all concerned parties to reconcile IPPB UPI QR Payments promptly and efficiently. It underscores the importance of adherence to SOPs, manual voucher posting entries, and the timely resolution of discrepancies to ensure accurate accounting and customer satisfaction. Reconciliation efforts are deemed a top priority and must be monitored until all discrepancies are settled.

Acknowledgment of Receipt:

The directive requests immediate necessary action and acknowledges receipt of the information. It emphasizes the urgency of the matter and the importance of compliance with the instructions provided.

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