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PLI SBI NACH Integration SOP | Download PLI SBI NACH (National Automated Clearing House) Integration SOP in PDF

Sub: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for PLI SBI NACH integration (National Automated Clearing House (NACH)-reg

Download SOP for PLI SBI NACH Integration in PDF

Download PLI SBI SOP User Manual (Part 1) in PDF

Download PLI SBI SOP NACH McCamish (Part 2) in PDF

Download PLI SBI NACH Mandate Form in PDF

F.No 29-02/2023-LI Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Directorate of Postal Life Insurance Dated: 22/01/2024

Ref: PLI Dte letter no. PLI-56/6/2023-PLI-DOP dated 19-04-2023 & 11-01- 2024.

As Circles are aware that PLI SBI NACH functionality was launched on 12-01-2024. In this regard, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for streamlining the end-to-end process for DoP field users has been formulated. (Enclosed). The SOP is divided into two parts as mentioned below:


This section describes the purpose of different modules and sub modules of SBI Mandate Portal. Additionally, this section also explains how to use different modules and sub modules of SBI portal for registration of the NACH mandate, as obtained from PLI/RPLI customers.

The completion of activities defined in this section will be a pre- requisite before indexing of billing method change request in McCamish for opting ‘NACH’ billing mode.


This section describes the procedure to be followed for handling SBI NACH functionality in the McCamish System by initiating & completing the billing method request of ‘NACH’.

The procedure outlined in this section is required to be undertaken by the field users only upon completion of the activities defined in Part-I of the SOP.

2. The reconciliation and accounting of transactions under _ this functionality will be carried out centrally by Nodal Office Bengaluru GPO, Karnataka Circle.

3. The number of transactions and the premium amount collected under ‘First Year’ and ‘Renewal Year’ category from NACH functionality may be obtained by the Circles from ‘All Channel Premium Collection Report’ provisioned in McCamish. In addition, provision of detailed collection report has also been made in McCamish for the Nodal Office, Bengaluru GPO.

4. The roles & responsibilities of the Nodal Office Bengaluru GPO, CEPT and IPPB teams from the above functionality perspective have been outlined in the Part-II of the above SOP.

5. Furtherance to the above, the user details (i.e. Maker & Checker) of remaining CPCs/HOs of Circles for creation of their User IDs for accessing SBI portal may kindly be supplied through Indiapost email ID of the Circles to under intimation to this Directorate at The detailed guideline for furnishing the above requisite information issued vide PLI Dte letter no. PLI-56/6/2023- PLI-DOP dated 19-04-2023 may kindly be referred to.

6. The above SOP may kindly be circulated to all offices under your jurisdiction for strict compliance and the NACH facility may be given wide publicity among field users, sales force and existing as well as prospective PLI/RPLI policyholders. 

(Pranav Kumar)

General Manager (Operations)

All HOCs

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