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GDS Online Engagement Schedule-I for the year 2024 - Feedback/Suggestions dated 18th January 2024

Subject: - GDS Online Engagement process, Schedule-I of the year 2024 feedback/suggestion-reg.

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In the year 2023, the Department had run two regular schedules of GDS Online Engagement in the month of January, 2023 and July, 2023 respectively. In addition, a Special Cycle was also initiated in the month of May, 2023 for engagement of GDS in the BOs in the unbanked villages.

2. Apart from the two Schedules of GDS engagement, Department is also running four Cycles of GDS transfer every quarter. From November, 2022 onwards, the Department has already run four transfer cycles in the month of Nov, 2022, Mar-2023,June-2023, Sep-2023 & Dec-2023. From the Second Cycle
onwards, the provision for applying against the tentative vacancies (i.e., vacancy to arise on approval of the GDS applying for transfer) was also introduced. However, in the June, 2023 Cycle of online transfer, the competent authority had granted exemption from providing transfer against the tentative vacancies, so that the online engagement schedule to be initiated in July, 2023 did not get delay.

3. It is, however, noticed that simultaneous running of two cycles of GDS Engagement and four cycles of GDS Transfer is creating a lot of operational difficulties in the filed offices and many mistakes are being carried out in the Divisions/Sub Divisions, in the verification process. As a result of this, every now and then, Directorate/CEPT need to take corrective measures for rectifying the mistakes in online engagement so that the interest of the genuine candidates are not affected. CEPT has also raised their impediments in timely development of online solutions of the problems faced due to some regular kind of trivial mistakes on the part of the Divisions. As a result of this, the major development in portal, if any, is also getting affected.

4. In view of the above, a need has been felt to review the issues in online engagement and transfer, as highlighted below:

Issues related to Online Engagement

i. Number of Schedules during a year ( One Schedule-Yearly basis or Two schedule -Half yearly basis)
ii. Provision for candidature acceptance in case minor spelling errors in candidate name, father or mother name in online application. At present the candidature is rejected even if there is small spelling error in the names.

iii. Provision to shortlist next candidates in the current Cycle on the posts falling vacant during the currency of the Cycle itself due to resignation, unwillingness, death & not turned up after 2nd document verification/training in stipulated time of selected candidate . At present, if a candidate has reported to the engaging authority, but thereafter is unwilling or does not report for further activities (e.g, training etc.), the post cannot be filled up in the current cycle.

iv. Studied the local language additionally, at least up to Secondary standard (as
compulsory or elective subjects) from the same or other recognized board in the same year or any other year

v. Measures to minimize the attrition rate in GDS online Engagement.
vi. Uploading of any one ID proof while applying online like -Aadhaar Card or Voter ID Card or Driving License, or PAN Card, or Passport or ID Card issued by University/College/School or any other Any other Photo Identity Proof issued by Central Govt./ State Govt. mandatory. There is no such requirement at present.
vii. Opportunity to afford time to submit caste certificates in the prescribed format (Central Govt. format - SC/ST/OBC), i.e , before the last date to report to EA. Presently, the candidature is rejected if the certificate is not in the prescribed format.
Issues related to Online Transfer
i. Reducing the no. of Rule-3 transfer cycles.
ii. Mandatory studied the local language, at least up to Secondary standard (as compulsory or elective subjects) for Rule-3 Transfer for new candidates. At present a GDS can be transferred in any state, irrespective of having the knowledge of the local language or otherwise, where as such condition is mandatory for engagement as GDS.
iii. Transfer against the tentative vacancies.
5. Therefore, all the Circles are requested to furnish _ their comments/suggestions/feedback on the above issues or any other specific issue (through email only) which needs to be reviewed with proper justification by 25.01.2024. As the Department need to take further action to issue another schedule of GDS engagement, the target date is very crucial.
This issues with the approval of the Member (P). Yours sincerely, Signed by Ravi Pahwa Date: 18-01-2024 11:32:21 Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC) Tel. No. 011-23096629

No. 17-03/2024-GDS Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (GDS Section) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001 Dated: 18.01.2024 tAll Chief Postmasters General

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