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IPPB Project Revive Campaign 2024 (SBPRM Account) - Incentive Program for DOP End Users (Micro ATM Users)

A campaign called Project Review is going on in IPPB, and previously opened accounts can be converted to premium accounts and get more incentives.

 🔸DORMAT Account : If you convert an unused account for more than two years to SBPRM account, you can get an incentive of Rs 88 per account.

🔸 INACTIVE ACCOUNT : If the account remains inactive for more than one year, if such account is converted to SBPRM account, an incentive of Rs 73 per account can be availed.

  Please follow the steps below.

A. "If Account is Dormant"

Re-KYC should be done first.

Navigation Bar (Three bars will appear on MicroATM app login) --> Click on Re-KYC option and take customer's fingerprint twice.. Then deposit the money.

That. If "Account is Inactive" :-

To convert SBPRM (Premium) A/c after first depositing the amount

  Follow the following steps

1. Login to MICRO ATM ge.


3. Enter Customer Details (Mobile Number or Aadhaar Number or QR Card Scan)

4. Take customer's fingerprint.

5.Select Account Upgradation

6. Then select the second option Upgrade to Premium Account.

7. Enter the OTP received on the customer's mobile, SUBMIT will convert it into a premium account.

Then do Aadhaar seeding/DBT/NPCI mapping.

Services -->Account Service--> Adhar seeding-->First option— > Verify option- ->Change to IPPB Click on Yes option.

thank you

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