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Duties of System Administrators attached at Sub Divisional Office

No.Techno/Attachment/System Administrator/23-24 Department of Posts O/o. The Sr. Supdt. Of Post Offices Gandhinagar Division 2"Floor,Gandhinagar Head Post Office Gandhinagar-382010

Dated: 03.07.2023

To, The Sub Divisional Heads South/ North / Kalol / Dholka / Viramgam and Dhandhuka

Sub: Duties of System Administrators attached at Sub Divisional Office

This office has allotted/attached one System Administrator to your Sub Divisional Office/HQ to deal with technology related issues of Post Offices/Branch Post Offices. As discussed in the meeting held with SDHs and SAs, following is hereby issued with the approval of the competent authority for strict adherence:

1) HQ of System Administrator shall be O/o. Sub Divisional Heads

2) System Administrator shall report to SDH. SDH will ensure effective utilization of service of SAs in his/her Sub Division

3) CL/RH will be granted to SAs by SDH. Proper record will be maintained by respective SDH

4) EL will be granted by Divisional Office on recommendation of SDH

5) System Administrator will submit their Diary to SDH and one copy be sent to Technology Branch of Divisional Office

System Administrator shall perform following duties:-

a)Technology related issues viz. Hardware related issues i.e. PC, Printers, UPS etc., NI related issues i.e. NSP-1/2, Polling, eHealth etc., CBS/Finacle, McCamish, RSI etc. for POs/BOs allotted to them

b) Monitoring of pendency of ePost, eMO, IMTS

c) Monitoring of POS Sync, POS Cash Balance, Excess Cash Balance, UPI QR Code performance, GL monitoring i.e. MO PM Account, POS Cash, VPP Clearing Account

d) Monitoring of BO Not login in RICT Device, Generation of BODA report, Ensure transaction of CBS/PLI/RPLI/CSI by all BOS through RICT Device in every month, BO Slip Generation

e)PMA, Nanyatha

f) Provide guidance to Postmasters to comply FRMU/SAS related alerts

g) Installation of Antivirus, Active Directory, Windows upgrade etc.

h)Impart training to officials/GDS as and when required

i) Any other work assigned by the Sub Divisional Head

Dy. Sr.Supdt.of Post Offices Gandhinagar Division, Gandhinagar-382010 Scanned by CamScanner

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