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SB Order 15/2023 Addendum: Revision of interest rates for Small Savings Schemes (POSB Schemes) w.e.f. 01.07.2023

SB Order No. 15/2023 Addendum: Revision of interest rates for Small Savings Schemes w.e.f. 01.07 .2023.

Download SB Order 15/2023 Addendum in PDF

No. 113-03/2017-SB(Pt.l) Govt. of lndia Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (F.S. Division) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001 Dated: 30.08.2023

In continuation to this office letter of even number dated 30.06.2023 on the above mentioned subject, the undersigned is directed to forward copies of gazette notifications issued by Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance in connection with the revision of interest rates for second quarter of FY 2023-24 for further necessary action. Copies of the following notifications dated 23.08.2023 are enclosed.

(i). G.S.R. 620(E) National Savings Time Deposit (Third Amendment) Scheme, 2023

(ii). G.S.R. 621(E) National Savings Recurring Deposit (Second Amendment) Scheme, 2023

2. This is issued with the approval of Competent Authority.

Encl: As above.


st. Director (SB-I)

Copy to:

l. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts)

2. PS to Dir:ector General Postal Services.

3. PPS/ PS to Addl. DG (Co-ordination)/IvIember (Banking)/Ivlember (O)/Ivlember (P)/ Member (Planning & HRD)/\Member (PLI)Member (Tech)/AS & FA

4. Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi

5. Chief General Manager, BD Directorate / Parcel Directorate / PLI Directorate

6. Sr. Deputy Director General (Vig) & CVO) / Sr. Deputy Director General PAF)

7. Director, RAKNPA / GM, CEPT / Directors of all PTCs

8. Director General P & T (Audit), Civil Lines, New Delhi

9. Secretary., Postal Services Board / All Deputy Directors General

10. All General Managers (Finance) / Directors Postal Accounts / DDAP

11. The Under Secretary, MOF (DEA), NS-II Section, North Block, New Delhi.

12. The Joint Director & HOD, National Savings Institute, ICCW Building, 4, Deendayal

Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi-l10002

13. All recognized Federations / Unions / Associations

14.ADG (OL) for information and Hindi Translation of SB Order.

15. Guard File/e-File.


Asst. Director(SB-I)

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