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PS Group B Reading Material | Download LDCE Postal Service Group B (PS Group B) Study Material 2023 in PDF

PS Group B Study Material Compiled by Senthil Kumar G. This study materials useful for Inspector Post (LDCE IPO Exam) also. List of Postal Service (PS) Group B Subjects are mentioned below:

Download PS Group B Reading Material 2023 in PDF



3. Darpan

4. Important Finacle Menus

5. IT Project 2012/2.0 & Technology related

6. POSB Internet Banking

7. Mobile Banking

8. Public Grievance Mechanism


. (CSI — Core System Integration

. SAP — System Applications and Products (in Data Processing)

. Developed by TCS

. Facility ID [for General Use] — All Offices

. Profit Centre [for Cash Transactions] — All POs

. Cost Centre [for Posting Expenditure] — All Admn Offices

. Fund Centre [for Budget] — HO...PSD...

. Facility ID : 13 digits

1-2 digits — Category of Office, 3-4 — Circle, 5- region, 6-7 — Division, 8-9 —HO, 10-11 - SO, 12-13 - BO

. Profit Centre ID — 10 digits

1-2 digits — Circle, 3 — Region, 4-5 - Division, 6 — HO, 7-8 — SO, 9-10 — BO SSO — Single Sign-on is a centralised login solution module — users can login to POS and SAP applications without further authentication; however for other web services like employee portal another login is needed.

Two type of Modules in CSI — Online & Offline

Offline — POS & Postal Back Office.

1. BACK OFFICE (All Supervisory work, Inventory maintenance)

2. POS (Point Of Sale) COUNTER (For all counter operations)

3. BACK OFFICE = IPVS (for despatch)

Online — SAP [ECP — Enterprise Resource Planning Content Production]

CRP — Customer Relationship Management Production

OEP — Operational Evolution Plan

PTM — Payroll Tax Management

DOP Main Screen — ZDOP_MAIN

1. SSS (Staff Scheduling System)

2. DPMS (Delivery and Postman Management System)

3. HRMS (Human Resources Management System)

4. F&A (Finance and Accounting)

5. IPVS (India Post Visibility system —exclusively for RMS)

6. Philately & Franking

7. Sales & Distribution

GL Codes starts with 1 — Receipts, 3 — Expenditure, 8 — SB Receipts & 4 — SB Payments Before starting work in the Post office daily, the Supervisor or SPM should run the following three components in the local server (C:\POSTALPOS_BO)

1. Start database Server.bat

2. Run Mobilink_Client_Daily bat (This will obtains configuration data from Central server to local server)

3. Run Mobilink_Client_High.bat (This will exchange data with Central server)

.POS is offline and syncs with central server at an interval of 4 minutes. Other modules are online

. EOD is prescribed for POS and every postman in DPMS; there is no EOD for F&A

. Transactions can be modified at any time before the close of the month

. Through employee portal ( HR functions as below are performed:

» Transfers and substitutions

» Leave management

» Personal transactions by employee like applying for leave, requests for bills and advances; viewing pay slips, service books and requests for modifications

» Performance management through APAR

» Business Intelligence Reports

. Through Identity Access Management web service ( roles in an office for an employee and user administration functions like resetting password, unlocking accounts etc are managed.

. Service desk is a web service ( to raise and follow up tickets for resolution by users; mobile app is also available to raise tickets


.Processing of Accountable articles

.Receiving Bags

.Opening Bags

.Invoicing articles

.If COD article data is not received in SAP, use ZART UPLOAD to enter the article details manually.

. In case of front end billers, if booking data is not available, use ZMOCODUPDATE under Transactions -> DPMS Transactions and Reports menu.

. Use ZFACARTCHANGE to change the facility ID or status of an article (Before returns are taken)

. Please note that when articles on which amount is due (COD, VP, customs duty) a liability is created against the Postman, who is known as vendor and the line items for this vendor can be viewed using the Tecode FBLIN, entering vendor ID, date, company code etc., and executing the command. This will also include eMO cash when issued and all these accounts have to be settled before the close of the day.

. MO Cash entrustment to beats: SAP Treasurer —» DPMS — Treasury — Cash Payment to Postman. Check in ZRFBL3N for DOP cash to ensure that postings are available

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