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PS Group B (Postal Service) DPC (Department Promotion Committee) for the vacancy year-2023



Dated 23d March, 2023

Sub:-Request for convening of DPC for drawing the panel of officers for promotion to Postal service Group 'B' cadre for the vacancy year-2023.

PS Group B DPC 2023 in PDF

As per the Model Calendar for conducting DPCs, the prescribed timeline for getting ready the approved select panel for the vacancy year is 31st December of the preceding year.

This Association had raised this issue as Agenda item No.03 in the periodical meeting held on 22-12-2022. During the meeting we were assured that necessary action will be initiated for the vacancy year-2023 and will be completed by the end of March, 2023. In this connection Minutes of the Periodical Meeting issued vide SR Section No.SR-02/1/2022-SR-DOP dated 27-01-2023 may kindly be referred to.

Action in terms of Model Calendar for collection of relevant documents like ACRs/APARs "No Report Certificate", vigilance status report etc. for convening DPC for the vacancy year-2023 is yet to be initiated by Postal Directorate.

Therefore, this Association would like to request for convening of regular DPC for drawing the panel of officers for promotion to Postal service Group 'B' cadre for the vacancy year-2023 early.

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