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Postal Unions (AIGDSU & NUGDS) writes a letter to Postal Directorate on unscientific and impractical Targets, putting pressure on GDS

Sub:- Trade Union action against fixing unscientific and impractical Targets in the directorate harassment and pressure on GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) by local level officers for achievement of targets.

Download AIGDSU Letter to Postal Directorate regarding GDS Target in PDF


(Central Head Quarter)

First Floor, Post Office Building, Padamnagar, Delhi 110007


T-24 Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001

Letter No. GDS/ICA/18/7/2022 Dated 15/02/2023

The GDS PICA received hundreds of representions from the leaders and members of both the unions AIGDSU and NUGDS regarding fixation of unscientific and impractical targets in the directorate. We also received complaints regarding harassment and inhuman methods adopted by local level officers in connection with POSB Maha Mela during 20-24 February, 2023.

It is a fact that the GDS staff work to the best of their capacity to meet the targets. But certain things are beyond them. The people in rural areas are not in a position to open accounts as they have already opened some type of accounts such as SSA, POSB, and RPLI due to the motivation of GDS staff. The rural people are facing poverty and not having sufficient financial support to open accounts.

Ignoring this reality, it is unjust to harass and put pressure on GDS for targets. We vehemently oppose this type of attitude and adopt inhuman methods by local level officers on GDS for targets. The GDS staff are asked to quit the job, if they do not achieve the figures decided by some officers.

We feel that it is not irrelevant to mention the attitude of the department towards GDS unions. The Dept. of Post has not honoured the written assurances given on 14-11-2022. As per the letter of even no. dated 14-11-2022 we have submitted our justified demands with detailed note two months ago. But there is no response from the Department.

The GDS PICA reviewed all the happenings and decided to go on the following trade union action to achieve the demands.

(1) Non Co-operation to the Dept. of Posts towards business development activities from 20-02-2023 on wards.

(2) One day country wide Dharna in front of divisional offices on 02-03- 2023 from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

(3) Two days countrywide strike on16-03-2023 and 17-03-2023.


1) Grant additional increments to senior GDS for 12,24,36 Years of service as recommended by GDS committee.

2) Stop fixing unscientific and impractical targets in the Directorate.

3) Issue instructions and guidelines to the lower level officers not to harass and not to put pressure on GDS for achievement of targets.

4) Allow substitute arrangement in the place of GDS while GDS is on leave ir respective of work load.

If our dements are not accepted, Further course of action will be intimated later.

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