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    Implementation of D-Cube in all the remaining Postal Divisions | DOP DBT Delivery App (DCUBE App)

    This is regarding implementation of D-Cube in all the remaining Divisions. In this regard your kind attention is drawn once again to the CMC minutes dated 15h and 16th December, 2022 and this office letter of even number dated 24-1-2023 wherein the decision of CMC has been reiterated that D-Cube needs to be implemented in all the Divisions in the Circle.

    2. Further, it is ascertained that the Aadhaar Seeding for Finacle D-Cube application will be made available next week by CEPT, Hyderabad. We havethrough to carry out the aadhar seeding of all the 32 lakhs POSB accounts into which various DBT credits are received. The region wise position in aadhar seeding is furnished. Out of 40 lakhs being DBT accounts as on date only 6.95 lakh accounts have been seeded with Aadhar and remaining 33.05 lakh POSB accounts are yet to be seeded with aadhar account.

    3. Seeding the 33.05 lakh POSB account is an herculean task to be carried out and with the existing CMRC correction after obtaining mandate from the POSB customer it will be a tough one since so far we hae been successful in seeding 29,994 accounts only since 1-12-2022. D-Cube aadhaar seeding facilitates obtaining e-consent and makes the updation of entire process easy. However, basic requirement is that D-Cube needs to be in the following Divisions immediately to facilitate aadhaar seeding through theimplemented software besides effecting AEPS payment from POSB accounts.

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