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IPPB Mobile Banking App New Version Update Released | IPPB Mobile Bank New Update APK Download Procedure

We are rolling out IPPB Mobile Bank APK - Version to playstore tonight (11th February 2023). IPPB New Version Mobile Bank App Update Steps/Procedure.

Download New Version Update of IPPB Mobile Banking APK

Here are the salient updates that are implemented as part of this IPPB Mobile Bank New Version update for Sim Binding and enhanced Security .

Customers need to re-register after version upgrade using CIF and Acct No

1. During registration

2. a. OTP received will be auto read in Android & copied in ios i.e., the customer cannot enter the OTP manually. This ensures that the sim associated with the RMN resides in the device during registration.

b. Customer has to set security questions. Out of 8 questions in the set, customer has to set 4 questions.

c. Customers should not use the last 3 MPINs. During Login

4. a. Customer will not be allowed to login if the RMN is not on the device at the time of login

b. Sms will be sent to customer in case of wrong MPIN.

5. Forgot MPIN/Expired MPIN/Dormant

6. a. Customer has to answer a security question during the MPIN change process. If the customer cannot answer correctly, re-registration is enforced.

b. OTP will be auto-read

7. Not more than 2 users(this is a parameter) are allowed to register on a single device.

8. There is a cooling period of 1 hour(parameter) between two registrations i.e., first user registration and second user registration on a single device

9. There is a cooling period of 1 hour(parameter) between toggling of two already registered users on a single device

10. User can enable/disable fingerprint login and face id login for android and ios respectively. Fingerprint option will not be available in the devices which don't have fingerprint sensor.

11. During DGSBA account opening, mobile number validation through auto-read OTP.

We wish to acknowledge Products, Technology, Infosec, Operations, DXC, Ixceed, Fss, Expleo and all Support Units for assisting during this Project

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