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HSG I (NFG) Clarification - Cadre Restructuring of Group C employees in Department of Posts (DOP) 2023

Subject: Cadre Restructuring of Group'C'employees in Department of Posts Clarification w.r.t. HSG-I (NFG) Non Functional Grade - reg.

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No. 25-04/2012-PE-I

(PE-I Section) 

Dated: 10th February 2023

Kindly refer to this office letter of even number dated 10.11.2017, on the subject mentioned above, vide which following guidelines/clarifications were issued, w.r.t. identification of NFG posts in HSG I.

Only 10 percent of HSG I posts i.e. 235 posts have been approved for NFG scale. Therefore it is not possible to promote all HSG I officials who are completing 2 years of service in HSG I Although there is need to identify these posts for promotion from HSG I, in order to avoid inconvenience to staff in the initial stage aad pulely as a temporary measure, the officials can be given NFG on the basis of seniority wherever they are posted in HSG I by upgrading the HSG I post to NFG and simultaneously downgrading the NFG position to HSG-I elsewhere. In due course of time the posts need to be identified.

2. Further, w.r.t. some queries of Tamilnadu Circle, following clarification was also issued to all HoCs vide this office letter of even number dated 16.03.2018 [refer Para3 (2) (i) & (ii)]:

Clarification Sought for HSG 1 (NFG)

Clarification for HSG 1 (NFG)

HSG I (NFG) eligible officials are working in Sr. PM offices and PM Gr III offices. As per Dte. Instructions they have to be posted in the same office where they are working. In that case the Postmaster post of Sr. PM office and PM Gr. III office will be in lower/equal pay scale than that of newly created HSG I NFG post.

HSG I (NFG) is just a Non-Functional Grade, it should  not affect the hierarchical Order or Channel of Reporting of the office as the purpose of introducing the NFG was to provide some financial benefit to the

When more than one eligible officials for consideration to HSG I (NFG)  working in the same office, on up gradation of the said HSG I posts to NFG, more than one official in HSG I NFG cadre have to be allowed to work in the same office.


Senior most employees in the HSG-I Grade. HSG-I (NFG) officials will continue to do the same work and man the same post in the hierarchy. However, higher responsibilities may also be assigned to the NFG officials in the exigencies of work

3. In this regard, it is instructed/clarifred that HSG-I (NFG) posts/offices are not to be identffied separately and the HSG-I (NFG) may be given in-situ to the eligible officials subject to the number of posts allotted to the Circle in the grade

Yours faithfully,

(Tarun Mittal)

Asstt. Director General (PE-I)

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