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SOP to Configure DOP (Post Office) DC DR VIP DNS for accessing CSI Application

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to configure Post Office (DOP) DC and DR DNS VIPs (Virtual Internet Protocols).

Scope: Presently, the DNS configured in post offices contains only Navi Mumbai DC DNS VIPs. The objective of this activity is to ensure the availability of DC as well as Mysuru DR DNS VIPs in all  the post offices so that the applications will resolve from Mysuru Data Recovery Center once a Data Centre switchover to DRC Mysuru happens.

Important Instruction: This activity to be carried out by a qualified System Administrator only. The activity needs to be carried out in all post offices except branch offices.

Detailed Steps:

Step 1: Checking whether DC and DR DNS VIPs are already updated.

i) Go to Control Panel ->>Click on Network Sharing Center–> 

ii) Click on Manage Network Connections/View Network Status and Tasks or click on change adapter settings-> 

iii) Double Click on Local Area Connection/ Active Ethernet ->> Right  Click and Click on Properties ->

iv) Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) ->>Click on Properties ->  

 v) Click on Advanced -> 

 vi) Click on DNS tab -> Check only below 2 IPs are listed as follows( & . 


Important Note: Please refrain from step 2  if the DNS VIPs are already updated only with & and proceed to step 3

Step 2: Updating DC and DR VIPs where same is not already updated.

If the DNS VIPs are not updated as mentioned in Step, Remove all the existing DNS entries and add the DNS with the information as follows and click OK.

Primary (Preferred DNS Server):

Secondary (Alternate DNS Server):                  


Note: Do not change any other existing values like IP or subnet or gateway.

Step 3: confirm that DC and DR VIPs are updated correctly.

Once the DNS are updated, please do the following activities to confirm the same.

i)Checking ipconfig entries

 Go to Start -> Click on Run -> Type CMD -> Press Enter -> Type ipconfig /all  -> Press Enter   

Check and confirm the DNS Servers are updated as below.


i) Checking NSLOOKUP

Go to Start -> Click on Run -> Type CMD -> Press Enter -> Type NSLOOKUP -> Press Enter   

Address will be displayed with primary DNS whch is as shown below.


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