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Allocation of funds to Postal Circles under DOP IT Modernization Project 2.0 (2022) for the FY 2022-23 (RE 2022-23)

IT Modernization Project 2.0 for the FY 2022-23 (RE 2022-23) - Allocation of funds under Field Infra Component to Postal Circles.

No. Tgy-48/5/2022-Tech-DOP


(Technology Division)

Dated: 26.01.2023

Sub: Allocation of funds under Field Infra Component - IT Modernization Project 2.0 for the FY 2022-23 (RE 2022-23)

Download IT Modernization Project 2.0 (2022) Circle Fund Allocation in PDF

Under ‘IT Modernization Project 2.0’, funds are hereby allocated to circles as per Annexure-A with the following directions:

1. Indicative ‘HARDWARE SPECIFICATION DOCUMENT - DoP IT Modernization 2.0’ issued vide this office email dated 23.11.2022 should be used as guiding principle for specifications and following the GFR and extant rules for the procurement of IT hardware.

2. Head of Account- 5201. - IT Modernization Project 2.0 (Tech) & GL Code - 5104649958 should be used for booking of funds.

3. Any committed liabilities under Postal Hardware (under activity- Supply of Hardware to Post Offices / Administrative Offices /Accounts Offices) of the current year should be booked under aforementioned HoA of IT 2.0 henceforth.

4. As per current Gol policy, ‘Make in India’ and Local suppliers should be chosen as the first option when Circles are procuring through GeM. (Reference -

5. By utilizing this fund, circles must also ensure compliance to GM, CEPT’s DO letter no. CEPT-BG/Project 1.0 Dated 30.06.2022, regarding identifying all such systems which are functioning with the Operating Systems which cannot support latest browser. Immediately procure the compatible Operating system (minimum version) for those computers & upgrade those computers which are compatible with the latest stable OS and which support compatible browsers, so that there would not be any disruption in accessibility of the applications in post offices.

6. It is requested to ensure 100% utilization of funds allocated in RE as no surrender of funds shall be entertained at the end of Financial Year 2022-23. Further, no excess expenditure should be made beyond the allotted fund. Circle may ensure to procure the hardware through GeM following all codal formalities. In case Circle makes further allocation of funds to Regions, if any, it has to be uploaded in the CSI module as per the instructions of CP Division, Postal Directorate. It may also be ensured that the sanctioned amount reflects in the concerned DAP Account under correct Head & G/L Code.

7. As this is a Plan Head under IT 2.0, therefore the appropriate procurement monitoring cell should be established at the level of CPMG. Monitoring of utilization of the allotted funds shall be done by the Technology Division on a weekly basis. A weekly progress report on the utilization of funds should be submitted to this office through email at on every Monday.

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