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LDCE IPO Exam Candidate Instructions | IPO Exam Online Application Registration, Procedure & Website Portal Links 2023

Instructions to the candidates applying for LDCE IP, scheduled to be held on 25th & 26th February, 2023.

General Instructions:

1. Please refer to the Notification issued vide letter No. A-34012/ 04 /2022-DE dated 10.01.2023.

2. As per Para 2 of the Notification, IPO Exam applications are invited from Willing and Eligible applicants through Online in the link mentioned below:


3. lt was also mentioned in the notification that hard copy ofthe application duly signed by the applicant has to be sent to parent office. For APS candidates, hard copy of the application duly verified by the authority is required to be sent to the concerned Circle Office.

Procedure for applying through Online IP application website:

1. Registration is compulsory through the web site mentioned below for the candidates applying for the Inspector Posts Examination. https://ccc.cept.gov.in/ipapplication

2. Preferred browser is Google Chrome in Desktop Computer for the Website.

3. Candidate has to click on Register Button for proceeding to Registration. In the Registration form, candidate has to furnish the details of Name, Valid email ID, Mobile Number, Password of his/her choice for login and a security Question with Answer for the purpose of Forgot Password option etc.

4. Once Registration is successful, message will be displayed to the user with the needful instructions.

5. For the purpose of Login, user has to check their mail box and Click on the Link sent to their registered mail ID.

6. On successful validation, user is able to Login to the Website through the above url for applying to the Inspector Posts Examination.

7. For Log In, user has to enter their eMail ID as user name and the password mentioned at the time of registration.

8. After Log ln, user can submit his application for Inspector Posts Examination.

9. All the fields which are marked with (*) are mandatory fields.

10. Before filling up of the application, user has to keep his/her Photo and Signature ready in JPEG format for uploading. Size of photo and Signature should be below 100 KB.

11. While entering the details in the form, form will reload multiple times to fetch the required fields. Please wait for the process to complete while filing the form.

12. After filling up of the form, uploading the photo, Signature, entering of Captcha etc., user has to click on SAVE button to cross check the data entered with Photo,Signature uploaded.

13. If any correction is required to the data, user can click on "Cancel" button and do the changes to the fields. After correcting the details user has to click on SAVE button and Final Submit button to submit the application successfully.

14. After cross checking the data, User has to click on "Final Submit" button to submit the application. No modifications can be done after final submission.

15. User has been provided with option to print the application immediately after "Final Submission". User has to print the application and sign it before sending the same to their parent office/controlling Unit.

16. Options have been provided to the user to Change Password, Download/Print the application submitted etc., at any point of time.

Procedure for making online correction to the application form.

1. As per Notification dated 10.01.2023, Correction in the application form, if necessary, by the candidate to be done between 9.00 AM on 03.02.2023 to 5.30PM on06.02.2023.

2. The candidates whose applications are marked as "Allow-resubmission" should ONLY be allowed to make correction online on the scheduled dates.

3. Therefore, the candidates who wish to make correction in the application formsubmitted through online website can take up the requirement with

4. Further, if the controlling authority feels that the data entered by the candidate requires correction [or) the images of Photo/Signature uploaded by the candidates are not visible properly, in such cases the application of the candidate can be marked as "allow-resubmission"'

5. In all such cases of applications which are marked as "allow-resubmission", an e-mail notification will be sent to the candidate with instruction to follow.

6. The candidate has to re-submit his application afresh with correct details. There will not be any change in the application number allotted to the candidate previously.

7.  After re-submission of the application [Final Submit is done], singed copy of the printout may be sent to the controlling authority immediately, for further processing the application by the controlling authority in their login.

8. e-mail notification to the candidate is in place for all cases of application status ie;Eligible, Not Eligible for attending the Examination marked by the controlling authority.

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