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LDCE IPO Exam Books 2023 - Inspector Post Exam (IP) Books List (Chart) - By Shri Karunanithy retired SPOs | Dated 07.01.2023

IPO Exam Books Catelogue 2023 Latest version list released by Retired SPOs Shri Karunanithy on 07th January 2023. List of IPO Exam Books & rates:



Download IPO Exam Books Chart 2023 in PDF

IPO Exam Books RATEs


MCQ Guide on FR & SR containing 797 Q&A on 14 subjects namely FR & SR, Joining Time, Commutation, Leave, TA, LTC, GPF, CGEGIS, CEA,  CGHS,DA & HAA, Medical Attendance Rules , [May/ 2021 Edition) (Code No.1)

Rs 400


Guide on Law subjects contains selected partion of  Bare acts on Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Criminal Procedure, Evidence Act and Indian Penal Code with reference to IP Examination     (Code No.4)

Rs 150


Guide on miscellaneous subjects (Extracts of CCS.  (CCA), CCS (Conduct) Rules, Postal Manual Volume III, BD products, Matters on GDS, PNOP, PLI/ RPLL , Reasoning (Corrected up to April / 2021] (Code No.5)

Rs. 200/-



Website copy of Postal Manual Volume V [Answers of  Rs.200/

previous years of IP and PS Group B exam are marked In this Volume}   (Code No.7)

Rs .200/-


Website copy of Postal Manual Volume VII (Answers of   previous years of IP exam are marked in this Volume] (Code No.8)

RS 200/-


Website copy of Postal Manual Volume VIII  (Answers of previous years of IP and PS Group B exam are marked in this Volume] (Code No.9)

Rs. 300/-


Questions and answers 2011,2012,2013,2014 & 2016 In IP Exams, 70% of questions are asked from the questions of previous years. Hence study of previous Years questions isa must for success, (Code No.10)

the Rs, 300/-


MCQ on postal manual Volume VII  (CodeNo.11) 

Rs. 100/-


General English containing MCQ Questions and  Answers (Code No.13)

Rs. 250/-


MCQ Guide on Post Office Guides 709.Q & A in PO   Guide Part I & II [May/ 2021 Edition} (Code No.169)

  RS. 250/-



Latest General Knowledge book for the year 2023   

Rs. 195/-


Reasoning or Mental ability (Code No.16)  Rs.200/-

Rs. 200/-


Bare Act on Constitution (Code No.17 Bare Act on Constitution (Code No.17)

Rs. 290/-


Bare Act Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (Code No.148) 

 Rs. 160/-


Bare Act on RTI (Code No.9)

Rs. 140/-


176 MCQ The RTI Act, 2005 with Q & A (Code 141)   [Additional book containing latest RTI information]

Rs. 100/-



"Disciplinary Rules are made simple” MCQ Question Bank of 575 Q & A containing CCS (CCA) Rules, Conduct Rules, Schedule containing the particulars of  Appointing Authority, Disciplinary  Authority and Appellate Authority in respect of Postal and RMS Staff [April 2019 Edition] (Code No. 21)

Rs. 200/-


" Financial Rules are made simple " MCQ Question Bank of 527  Questions and Answers Contaning  FHB Volume I, FHB Volume II and General Financial Rules, 2017  may, 2021 Edition] (Code No. 22)

Rs. 300/-


Website copy of Post Office Guide Part I  corrected up to date) [Answers of previous years of IP exam are marked in this Volume] (Code No. 23)

Rs. 200/-



McQ book: (Code No. 26)‘The Civil Procedure Code , 1908 with 98 MCQ Q & A The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 with 117 MCQ  Q & A The Evidence ACt, 1872 with 148 MCQ Q & A The Indian Penal Code, 1860 with 302 MCQ Q & A All five previous years questions were solved 26

Rs. 250/-


MCQ book: (Code No. 27) The Constitution of India containing 752 MCQ OSA  Prepared as per question pattern of IP Examination All five previous years questions were solved

Rs, 250)



Schedule of Financial Powers including Revised Schedule 

II OF Head of Cictes dates 30.07.2021 (Code No.28)

RS. 200



[Paper- I Post Office Life Insurance Rules, 2011 & | RS. 70/ Amendment Notification dtd 11.03.2014 (Code No. 61) Tota! amount for books Rs.4,905/- Despatch charges under Registered Book Packet Rs. 95/-

Total amount to be remitted by Emo  Rs.5,000/-

Total Part - I 23 books for Rs. 5,000/-



How to Buy IPO Exam Books?

Should be placed through money order and cost of All IPO Exam Books (60 Books) of three papers is Rs 11250/- (Rs 5000+Rs 5000+Rs1250).

What is the Cost of All IPO Exam Books?

Rs 11250/-

What is the Address to buy Karunanithy LDCE IP Exam Books?

SMT RP Sharmila

No5, Moovender Nagar east,

Madurai Reserve Lines SO,


The amount should be remitted by eMO only and not by any other modes. There is no VPP or COD Service available. It is requested not to credit the amount in any of the SB accounts mentioned previously in the websites.


After remitting money orders to the above address, please send the copies of the eMOs receipts and your address to me through whatsapp (Whatsapp Number 8870633239 & 9443329681). Books will be dispatched immediately without awaiting for receipt of eMOs.

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