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    Central Government (CG) allowed Printing of Calendar by Ministries and Departments | MOF (DOE) OM On Printing of Calendar 2022

    Government of India issued order on 13th December 2022 for allowing Printing of Calendars by Ministries and Departments.

    No. 7(2)/E.Coord./2020

    Government of India

    Ministry of Finance

    Department of Expenditure

    North Block, New Delhi

    Dated 13rd December, 2022


    Subject: - Printing of calendar by Ministries of Government of India (Central Government).

    Download Circular on Printing of Calendar in PDF

    In partial modification of OM No. 7(2)/E.Coord./2020 dated 02.09.2020, it has been decided, henceforth, to allow the printing of calendar by Ministries/Department/Autonomous Bodies and other organs of the Government.

    The instructions in the aforementioned OM stands modified to the above extent.

    This issues with the approval of Finance Secretary & Secretary (Expenditure).

    (Sunil Kumar)

    Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

    No. 7(2)/E.Coord/2020

    Government of India

    Ministry of Finance

    Department of Expenditure :

    North Block, New Delhi

    Dated,l September, 2020


    Subject: - Economy Instructions - Printing activities

    As the world is increasingly moving towards adopting digital force multipliers for productivity and given the fact that using technological innovations for planning, scheduling and forecasting is known to be economical, efficient and effective, the Government of India has decided that there will be no further activities towards printing wall calendars, desktop calendars, diaries, festival greeting cards and similar materials by all Ministries/Departments/Autonomous Bodies and other organs of the Government. All such activities including materials which were earlier printed in physical format shall be done digitally online. 

    The printing of Coffee Table books is also banned and appropriate use of E-Books is encouraged. Therefore, all concerned are directed to make efforts to adopt innovative means to use digital or online method for the above activities.

    2. This issues with the approval of Secretary (Expenditure) and will come into force with immediate effect. 

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