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Strike Notice due to Unjustified and motivated attack on our union/members – case of Bhopal Division, M. P. Circle | AIPEU

Strike Notice due to Unjustified and motivated attack on our union/members – case of Bhopal Division, M. P. Circle. 

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It has been brought to the notice of this union that the present Sr. Supdt. Of Post offices, Bhopal Division has perpetrated fear psychosis amongst the members of our union, who are working at Divisional office. It is also learnt that the SSPOs has been harassing Sri. Manoj Kr. Chaoudhary, Assistant Divisional Secretary keeping him suspended for 3 months on the ground he raised the issue of network problem before the SSPOs. He then transferred Sri Choudhary 75 KM away from the head quarter though his wife is also working in State Bank of India at Bhopal. After that he has been served with Rule 14 Charge sheet on the charges of delay in opening of accounts etc. 

Sri. Manoj Kumar Choudhary is working as PA, but the Sub Postmaster of the said office has not even served with explanation letter. This shows how much vindictive the said SSPOs is to Shri Choudhary. Again Sri.Choudhary has been awarded lower grading in APAR and doubtful integrity has also been noted even before completion of departmental enquiry. As we have come to know Sri Choudhary getting no justice from authority has taken decision to start indefinite hunger faster against this vindictive SSPOs. 

Apart from above on 3rd November, the SSPOs called 25-26 members of NFPE working in Divisional office in his chamber and forced them to resign from our union by threatening them of facing punishment and transfer in distant areas. Even he told that withdrawal of union membership is the condition to work at Divisional office and what is most surprising the SSPOs himself supplied the declaration forms to each and forced them only to sign. Those who expressed their unwillingness to sign the form were brutally rebuked by the SSPOs. 

We don’t expect such irregular, unjustified and dictatorship role from one SSPOs (IPS) In this way he has induced unjustified and motivated attack on our members and thereby on our union. Our Circle Union of M. P. Circle has already brought the issue to the Chief PMG, M. P. Circle, vide its letters dated 27.10.2022 and 04.11.2022 (copy enclosed). Our Circle Secretary AIPEU Group ‘C’, M. P. Circle met with the Chief PMG of M. P. Circle but he is also indifferent to halt the SSPOs, Bhopal. Now situation is such as has been brought to our notice that the employees of Bhopal irrespective of Unions are burning with anger and there is infact no working atmosphere. 

In these circumstances AIPEU Group ‘C’, M. P. Circle has issued Strike notice on 10.11.2022 for observing Strike in Bhopal Division on 25.11.2022, where other affiliates of NFPE are also ready to take part. So, this union urges upon you to intervene personally so that the said SSPOs is refrained from any irregular, unjustified activities and the Strike action can also be avoided. A line in reply taking necessary action will be highly appreciated.

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