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Review of National Account Facility (NAF) | Speed Post Parcel (SP) and Business Parcel (BP) business of Rs.10 lakh will be eligible for NAF

 No. 39-08/2021-D

Mail Business (Operations & Development) Division

Date: 7th, November, 2022

Office Memorandum

Subject: Review of National Account Facility - regarding

Download NAF (National Account Facility) BNPL Review in PDF

The National Account Facility (NAF) was introduced as a value addition on Speed Post and Business Parcel vide BD Directorate letter number 10-01/2014-BD&MD dated 17.03.2015. In view of changing market conditions and to address the concerns raised by various stake holders, amendments in NAF have been made from time to time vide this office OM of even number dated 13.09.2021 and 02.09.2022.

2. With the technological upgradations in the Department, manual accounting process to be followed for providing NAF to the contractual customers has eased to a great extent. Moreover, to promote Start-ups as well as MSMEs, it has been observed that there is a need to further liberalize provisions, revise business limits and simplify the procedures.

3. The provisions in the existing policy of NAF have been reviewed and it has been decided that the customers providing a total business of Rs.10 lakh under Speed Post Parcel and Business Parcel, separately, in a year from more than one location, will be eligible for NAF.

Consolidation of revenue from Speed Post and Business Parcel for the purpose of calculation of business of Rs.10 lakh will, however, not be allowed.

4. Further, the NAF to the eligible customers of both Speed Post Parcel and Business Parcel shall be granted by the Parcel Directorate independently. NAF to the customers of Speed Post (Document) i.e. non-parcel segment will continue to be processed in Mail Business Division of the Postal Directorate. In addition, barcode series for the Speed Post Parcel and Business Parcel shall continue to be allotted by Mail Business Division and Parcel Directorate respectively.

5: This issues with the approval of DG (Postal Services).

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