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Procedure (SOP) for Aadhar Seeding in Post Office (DOP) POSB Account | How to Aadhar Seed Postal Savings Account (POSB) for DBT NPCI Mapping

Procedure (SOP) for Seeding of Aadhaar for getting DBT Credits in Post Office (India Post) POSB account.

Download India Post (DOP) POSB Account Aadhar Seeding SOP IN PDF

1. Aadhaar ID has to be seeded in CIF for getting DBT credits through Aadhar Payment Bridge System (APBS). Aadhaar ID will get validated through NPCI during seeding.

2. Once DBT mandate form is filled in by the customer, PO user need invoke CIF Modification menu (CMRC). Mobile number of the customer to be updated in DBT Mandate form.

3. The following details need to be updated under APBS Payment Details in CMRC menu

a. Aadhaar Mandate Available flag to be updated as YES

b. Type of Mandate (Fresh/Move In) to be selected from dropdown

c. Fresh Mandate will be selected if customer is seeding AADHAR in POSB for DBT credits for the first time.

d. If Customer has already seeded some other Bank account for DBT credits, MOVEIN option need to be selected.

e. Once MOVE IN option is selected, Previous Bank IIN number to be selected from searcher based on customer’s mandate.

f. Customer Mandate date has to be selected from calendar.

g. POSB account number to be updated in Aadhaar Linked Account Number field. Basic validations are available while updating this account number.

4. Customer to be guided that once Aadhaar is seeded in POSB account, all the DBT credits will be credited in POSB account.

5. Aadhaar seeded details will be shared to NPCI through Mapper file. These mapper file will be moved to NPCI through Automated batch jobs after DC Closure.

6. Aadhaar will get validated at NPCI end and POSB account will be seeded in Aadhaar with DOP as destination bank.

7. PO user to check APBS mapper report in MIS server on next day to ensure that the Aadhar has been successfully seeded in the account.

8. DBT benefits will be credited to the POSB accounts after successful seeding.

9. In case of failure at NPC! end due to various reasons, Customer need to be contacted over mobile and reseeding of Aadhar in CIF to be done again.

10. Daily progress on AADHAR SEEDING can be checked in the following web portal

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