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    Late reflection of IPPB Figure DOP Daily Account (DTR) | Revised Standard Operating Procedure on Cash Management between DoP and IPPB

    No.SB/300-91/22 dated at Chennai 600 002  31.10.2022

    Sub: Late reflection of IPPB Figure - Reg.

    Ref: Your letter No. P3/CPMG/Network dated 16.08.2022.

    A kind reference is invited to the letter cited above regarding late reflection of IPPB figure.

    In this regard, IPPB, CO, Chennai, has intimated the following w.r.t the Revised Standard Operating Procedure on Cash Management between DoP and IPPB (version 1.2) dated 10.10.2018 circulated vide PBI Division letter No. 1-24/2016-PBI (Vol III) dated 10.10.2018, regarding late reflection of IPPB figure.

    1. IPPB is integrated with CSI for accounting purposes. All the cash transaction that take place in a Post Office reflect in an automated manner on T+1 basis in the Daily account (Daily Transaction Report, DTR) of the Post Officeaffecting its Closing Balance in the DTR. (In case of any delay is observed in posting of transactions at CSI end i.e. transactions are not reflected on T+1 day, local IPPB official may be contacted in order to resolve the issue).

    2. In case of any specific issue the same shall be escalated on case to case basis to the IPPB team for immediate escalation and resolution.

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