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GPF Issues in CSI which has been taken up with CGM CEPT Mysore

D.O.No. 150 /GPF/Dis.GASP/CSI Updation           Dated the 3rd November 2022

This is regarding the issues in CSI in respect of GPS , which has been taken up with CGM, CEPT. mysore vide this office letter no 2009/GPF/Dis GASP/CSI updation date 09.11.2021,  based on the action points to be implemented to resolve the issues communicated by directorate  so far, the issues are found to be not resolved.

While monitoring the GPF balances of the subscribers in Tamilnadu Circle, it was noticed that the subscription raised by the Chief PMG, Tamilnadu Circle from Rs.15000/- to Rs.15500/- in the month of April 2022 paid in May 2022 has not been reflected in the balance in the subsequent months, even as on date, it has not been updated, though it is shown in the GPF subscription column of GPF ledger of the subscriber. This is one of the issues in CSI.

As stated in pre-para, even though the GPF issues in CSI have already been taken up with Directorate and the action points intimated by Directorate to resolve the issues have been communicated to CEPT, Mysuru, but nothing has been resolved till date.

It is requested kindly to look in to the matter personally to avoid over payment, fraud etc . and to ensure maintenance of correct GPF balance of the subscribers.


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