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Discontinuance of SOPs on Alternate Solution for manual handling of cases in CIS (McCamish) - Post Office (DOP)

 File No. PLI-56/2/2022-PLI-DOP

Directorate of Postal Life Insurance

Dated: 04-11-2022

Subject: Discontinuance of SOPs on ‘Alternate Solution’ for manual handling of cases in “CIS”— Reg

Download Discontinuation of SOPs in CIS (McCamish) in PDF

A kind reference is invited to this Directorate letters of even no. dated 09-09-2022 and 30-09-2022 regarding SOPs for handling CIS in reference to technical issues.

2. The matter relating to discontinuation of aforesaid SOPs has been deliberated in detail by this Directorate in light of the restoration of regular services of CIS and it has now been decided that the said SOPs are discontinued w.e.f 14th Nov 2022. The processing of all service requests including proposal and claim will be done as per normal course by the concerned CPCs of your Circles in accordance with the defined workflow of the CIS.

3. Upon discontinuation of said SOPs, there are following activities that need to be concluded by various stakeholders as enumerated in numerical order below with action owner: -

I. Proposals: CPCs will get requisite letters/policy bond printed through McCamish for the new policies generated during the course of the implementation of the SOP dated 09-09-2022 and to be issued to the insurant. (Action: CPCs)

II. Claims including loan cases having Disbursement mode selected as ‘Cheque’: Disbursement details to be invariably updated in the McCamish upon payment of the claim. This may be accorded high priority as it will have implications on net accretion. (Action: CPCs)

III. Claims including loan cases having Disbursement mode selected as ‘POSB-EFT’:

a. Claims including loan cases which were approved in the ‘CIS’ during the period from 06-09-2022 to 13-11-2022 are mandatorily to be disbursed manually through ‘Cheque’ mode only and disbursement details as prescribed in the manual register will be required to be sent in consolidated excel file by the Circles to PLI Directorate at technology.plidte@indiapost.gov.in by 18-11 2022 positively for updating the disbursement details in the ‘CIS’ through backend. (Action: CPCs/Circles)

b. Enablement of POSB-EFT mode: The disbursement mode ‘POSB-EFT?’ will be enabled by CEPT in the ‘CIS’ from 14-11-2022, hence, any claim having disbursement mode selected as ‘POSB-EFT’ which will be approved in the ‘CIS’ on or after 14-11-2022 (i.e. Date of discontinuation of the SOPs) will be disbursed through ‘POSB-EFT’ mode. (Action: CPCs, Circles & CEPT)

4. Circles are therefore requested to disseminate the above instructions to all concerned post offices under your jurisdiction through workshop/VC etc. for strict implementation of the above instructions.

5. Further, for any queries/clarification/ support by Circle SPOCs, team of PLI Directorate & CEPT will be available as per contact details given below.

i. Sh. Praveen Kumar (IPO), PLI Dte: 07509689742

ii. Sh. Venkat Raghvan (ASP), CEPT: 09443477825

6. This issues with the approval of Chief General Manager (PLI).

(Pranav Kumar)

General Manager (Operations)

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