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Post Office employees salary in india | Pay Scale (Salary) of all Postal Officers/Employees Pay Matrix Structure and Basic Pay details

Post Office Salary in India. Pay Levels of all cadres in Post Office. Salary scales of all level Postal Officers. Basic Salary of Secretary Post, HAG Scale, SAG Scale, JAG Scale, STS, JTS, PS Group B Officers, Assistant Superintendent of Post Offices, Inspector Posts, Postmasters, Postal Assistants, Postman & MTS.

Download Pay Matrix/Levels of Post Office Officers in PDF

Gazetted Group A Officers Salary:

Secretary (Posts), Director General Postal Services : Basic Salary : 225000 (fixed) - Pay Level 17

HAG+ Member Postal Services Board, AS&FA : Basic Pay: 205400-224400- Pay Level-16

HAG CPMG /Sr. DDG/CGM: Basic Salary: 182200-224100 - Pay Level- 15

SAG PMG/DDG/GM (Fin) /Chief Engineer: 144200-218200 - Pay Level- 14

JAG in NFSG Director / Director Accounts (Postal) / Director MV/ Director (OL)/ Superintending Engineer, CMO (NFSG) : Basic Pay:123100-215900 - Pay Level- 13

JAG Director/ Director Accounts (Postal)/ Jt. Director, Sr. PPS, Superintending Engineer, Sr. Architect, Joint Director (OL): Basic Pay : 78800-209200 - Pay Level-12

STS Sr. Superintendent of Post offices / ADG / Dy. Director, PPS, Exe. Engineer, Dy Architect, Senior Manager MMS, Dy. Director (OL) : Basic Pay: 67700-208700 - Pay Level-11

JTS Sr. Superintendent of Post offices /ADG / Dy. Director, ACAO, Architect, Manager MMS, AD (OL) : Basic Pay: 56100-177500 - Pay Level-10

Gazetted Group B Officers Salary in Post Office:

Sr. Accounts Officers : Basic Pay: 56100-177500 - Pay Level 10

Postal Superintendent/Asst. Director/Sr. Postmaster (PS Gr.-‘B’) : Basic Pay: 53100-167800 -Pay Level-9

Assistant Superintendent of Posts  : Basic Pay : 47600-151100 - Pay Level -8

Non-Gazetted Staff: (Group “B”) Officers of India Post Salary in India

Inspector of Posts, Assistant Section Officer(CSS) : Basic Pay:  44900-142400 -Pay Level-7

HSG-I Postmaster/ Head Record Officer/ Manager RLO/ Head Sorting Assistant / OS in Circle Office: Basic Pay:  44900-142400 -Pay Level-7

Postal Assistant, Sorting Assistant, PO & RMS Accountant, Platform Inspector (Time scale),: Basic Pay: 25500-81100 -Pay Level-4

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