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    Reimbursement of Medical claims to pensioners under CS(MA) Rules 1944 as directed by various CATs (Central Administrative Tribunals)/Courts


    Government of india

    Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

    EHS Section

    Dated 12th September, 2022


    Subject: Reimbursement of medical claims to pensioners under CS(MA) Rules 1944 as directed by various CATs/Courts-reg.

    The undersigned is directed to say that as per Note-2 below Rule-2 of CS(MA) Rules, 1944, Retired Government officials are not covered thereunder. However as per extent CGHS guidelines, Central Government Pensioners residing in non-CGHS areas have the following options.

    i. They can avail Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) in lieu of OPD facilities under CGHS.

    ii. They can also avail benefits of CGHS (OPD & IPD) by registering themselves. in the nearby CGHS covered city after making the required subscription

    iii. They also have the option to avail FMA, for OPD treatment and CGHS for IPD treatments after making the required subscriptions as per CGHS guidelines.

    2. All Ministies/ Departments of Government of india are requested to bring the contents of this OM to the notice of organization(s) under their administrative control for guidance and complaince thereof. Also, retiing Central Government employees may be made aware of the above rule position.

    3. Cour CATs cases filed by pensioners may be defended by Ministries Departments in the light of above rule positon. No reference in this regard needs to be made to Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for comments/ clanfications etc thereon.

    This issues with the approval of Competent Authority

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