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    IPPB Premium Khata MahaLogin | Premium KHATA MAHA-Login 2-Days (12-13 September, 2022)

    No. PB-06/3/2022-PBI-DOP

    Department of Posts

    (PBI Division)

    Dated 09 September 2022

    Subject: Premium KHATA MAHA-Login 2-Days (12-13 September, 2022)

    Download IPPB Premium Khata MahaLogin Details in PDF

    I am directed to state that India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has proposed Premium KHATA MAHA-Login days on 12-13 September, 2022. “Premium KHATA’ is 1 St premium product offered by IPPB which is an annual subscription-based account comes with a host of benefits. The product features are at Annexure-I

    2. The bank has decided to make LIVE this product in a limited scale manner and through installation of the Premium KHATA account opening application on-to the MATM devices of limited number of select end users (so far over 11000+ MATM EUs have been enabled to be able to source Premium KHATA). The target going ahead is to upscale this project to over 20,000 MATM EUs.

    3. IPPB team in the field are ready to support and handhold both End User activation & transactions ramp-up. The Circle and Region wise target for two-days Maha Login Campaign are at Annexure-II and III respectively. The incentive table for the End Users/DoP and reward & recognition for DoP officials are given at Annexure-IV.

    4. In view of the above, all HoCs are requested to expedite activation of remaining End Users and popularize the IPPB service in the Circle and tap maximum business and make Premium KHATA MAHA-Login 2-Days during 12-13 September, 2022 successful.

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