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    Grievances of IP ASP Cadre | Cadre Restructure, Grant of Non Functional Grade Pay (NFG), Promotion of Group B Cadre


    Dated 09th June, 2022

    Sub:- Grievances of IP/ASP Cadre.

    Download Grievances of IP/ASP Cadre in PDF

    We submit the following grievances of the cadre for your kind consideration and earnestly request your good self to bestow your personal attention for early redressal.

    1. Cadre Restructuring of Inspector Posts Cadre: -

    The Cadre Restructuring of Inspector Posts Cadre has not taken place since 1979 contrary to the guideline of conducting the Cadre Restructuring after every five years. The Department of Posts had submitted the Cadre Restructuring proposal for Inspector Posts Cadre on 16" April, 2021 to Department of Expenditure (DoE) which will meet the functional requirements, provide more avenues to earn revenue and respond effectively to the customer needs, reduce the existing stagnation and improve the career prospects of Inspector Posts.

    It is learnt that the Department of Expenditure has again returned the proposal during March, 2022 with some observations for resubmission with compliance. Submission of compliance is inordinately delayed within the Department.

    We earnestly request for your kind intervention for early submission of compliance and for getting the nod of DoE and implementation of Cadre Restructuring of Inspector Posts Cadre in the Department of Posts.

    2. Gran Non-functional grade Pay :-

    This Association keeps on urging the Department for issuance of common order for grant of Non-functional Grade Pay of Rs.5,400/- in PB-2 in 6 CPC or the corresponding Pay Matrix Level-9 in 7" CPC to similarly situated employees. Finally, the Department submitted a comprehensive proposal to Department of Expenditure vide ID note No. 2-25/2019-PCC dated 03-03-2021seeking blanket approval to extend the benefit to all similarly placed Group "B' officers of Department of Posts. Department of Expenditure vide I.D. note No. 6(3)/E.III(B)/2018 dated 13-04-2021did not agree to extend the benefit of Level-9 (corresponding to Grade Pay Rs.5400) on Non-Functional basis to all similarly placed Group 'B' officers of Department of Posts.

    Thereafter, being aggrieved on the denial this Association filed OA No.506/2021 before the Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal, Hyderabad Bench. The Hon’ble Tribunal vide its order dated 02-12-2021has quashed and set aside DoE id Note dated 13-04-2021and subsequent letter of DoP letter dated 08-06-2021with a direction to the respondents to grant Rs.5,400/- to the applicants from the date they are eligible with consequential benefits thereof. Further the Hon’ble Tribunal has made it clear that the judgment is rendered in rem so that other similarly placed employees are not compelled to knock the doors of the tribunal. Three months’ time from the date of receipt of the order was allowed to the respondents for implementation by the Hon’ble Tribunal.

    In turn the DoP had sought for approval of the DoE, and DoE has returned the file for resubmission with details of updated financial implication involved. Postal Directorate has sought for the information from the Circles vide letter No.2- 25/2019-PCC dated 10-02-2022followed by series of reminders. The target date for submission of the information from Circle was initially fixed to 20-02- 2022. Apparently, this task is being performed at a dilatory speed which is ultimately causing delay to the implementation of the order of the Hon‘ble Tribunal.

    We, therefore, earnestly request for your kind intervention for early implementation of the order of the Hon’ble Tribunal.

    3. Timely promotion to Postal service Group ‘B’ cadre in accordance with the existing Recruitment Rules: -

    As per the Model Calendar for conducting DPCs, the prescribed timeline for getting ready the approved select panel for the vacancy year is 31st December of the preceding year.

    For an Inspector Posts it is taking around 23 years to get Postal service Group ‘B’ through inter-se-seniority promotion. The delay in convening DPC is resulting in deprivation of timely promotion to the eligible candidates and further worsening the existing stagnation. Even some eligible candidates are retiring on superannuation without getting the much-awaited promotion due to delay in DPC and losing their consequential benefits permanently.

    We, therefore, request for your kind intervention for

    iii) Convening the supplementary DPC for the year 2020 urgently.

    iv) Convening the regular DPC for promotion to the cadre of PS Group ‘B’ for the vacancy year 2021 and 2022.

    4. Revision/Amendment of Postal Service Group ‘B’ Recruitment Rule.

     Regular appointments/promotions are to be made in accordance with the Recruitment Rules in force at the time when the vacancy arises. The unilateral reliance of the Department on Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) OM bearing No.AB.14017/2/1997-Estt. (RR)/Pt. dated 19-01-2007 in contravention of extant Recruitment Rules has now tilted the balance preeminently as the number of persons promoted under one stream far exceeds the number of prescribed percentages of cadre strength for the particular stream against the persons supposed to be appointed through the other stream. Eventually the retirement vacancy will go on decreasing day by day as the persons coming through LDCE, above the prescribed percentage of cadre strength, being relatively younger will remain in PS Group ‘B’ cadre for a longer period and a time may come when the majority of the IPs may have to retire without getting PS Group “B” as per their seniority when their turn come.

    This Association has submitted two alternative proposals for revision / amendment’ of Postal Service Group ‘B’- Recruitment Rule’ vide No.CHQ/AIAIPASP/Corr-01-110/2021dated 27" December, 2021 (copy enclosed) for consideration. It is still under examination by the Department.

    We earnestly request for considering the proposal of the Association seriously.

    5. Regarding amendment of the Recruitment Rules for the post of Assistant Superintendent of Posts.

    The proposed amendment in the Recruitment Rules for the post of Assistant Superintendent of Posts was put up in public domain for 30 days on the website of India Post vide Notice vide Department of Posts, Personnel Division Notice No.X-6/2/2021-SPN-II dated 7 July, 2021 for inviting comments from stakeholders. This Association had also submitted its comments. In the meantime, about seven months have been elapsed and the Gazzette Notification of the amended RR is awaited.

    An early action in the matter is requested for early Gazzette Notification of the amended RR in exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 of the Constitution and in supersession of the Department of Posts (Assistant Superintendent of Posts) Recruitment Rules, 2013.

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