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Dr. Vinaya Prakash Singh, Member (Personnel) of Department of Posts (DOP) is the new elected Secretary General of APPU (Asian Pacific Postal Union)

Dr. Vinaya Prakash Singh, Member (Personnel), Postal Service Board, Department of Posts (DOP) has been elected as the next Secretary General of the Asian Pacific Postal Union (APPU). The Tenure of the Secretary general of APPU will be started from 01st January 2023 for the period of Four (04) Years. 

Eligibility criteria for Secretary General of APPU (Asian Pacific Postal Union):

a) The candidate should be a postal service officer of the rank of Senior Administrative Grade (SAG) or above presently serving in the Department of Posts.

b) The candidate should be in Service on the date of commencement of tenure of Secretary General i.e. 1st of January,2023

c) The candidate holds a university degree or equivalent tertiary qualification in such fields as economics, law, science, logistics, business, education, accounting or marketing (an advantage but not essential).

d) The candidate should have significant practical experience in management or executive training in the postal sector or related business, or in the administrative sector, or experience in a coordinating role in an international postal organization is relevant (as a preferred aspect).

e) The candidate should have experience of dealing with international postal relations, APPU/UPU matters (preferred).


Preamble: the Position Description of the Secretary General of the APPU is drawn up in relation to Article 108 of the General Regulations of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU). The Position Description should be regarded as materialthat can be reviewed and updated from time to time as required by the Executive Council of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU EC). The modification of this document will be by the APPU EC as a result of its deliberations.

Position Title: Secretary General! of the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU)

Reporting Line: The position reporis to the Executive Council of the APPU (“APPU EC”).

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Tenure: 4 years, in principle



Accommodation: Apartment located at the Bureau

Commencement Date: To be advised

Scope of Job

Revenue/Expenditure: Approximately US$1,000,000 per annum

Employees: 16 plus one on-call consultant (see Organisation Chart attached as an Appendix)

Capital asset: To be advised

Language: Speaks, reads and writes English fluently

Academic: Holds a university degree or equivalent tertiary qualification in such fields as economics, law, science, logistics, business, education, accounting or marketing (an advantage but not essential)

Experience: Has had significant practical experience in management or executive training in the postal sector or related business, or in the administrative sector, or experience in a coordinating role in an international postal organisation is relevant (as a preferred aspect). Has held a senior position in the postal sector for at least five years.

1. This position is referred to as the APPU Bureau Director or Bureau Director in the Constitution and General Regulations ofthe APPU. Following a decision taken at the 2017 APPU Congress, the Union adopted the working title of Secretary-General of the APPU. Amendments in due course will follow to the APPU treaty documents.”

2 The confirmed tenure will be decided by the Congress or EC when the new Secretary General is selected. The position of Secretary General of the APPU exists to lead and manage the activities of the APPU by providing the Asian-Pacific region with representation, training, consultancy services and technical support in postal matters. This is achieved in a variety of ways including, but not limited to:

acting as the legal representative of the Union in its dealings with external organisations:

carrying out the responsibilities for the Union in relation to its role as a Restricted Union of the 

Universal Postal Union (UPL);

planning, leading and coordinating administrative and other tasks assigned to the Bureau by the APPU EC and the Governing Board, as well as those tasks prescribed in the APPU General Regulations and Rules of Procedure;

leading and managing the staff and other employees in the Bureau in the professional and cost-effective execution of the Bureau’s responsibilities;

managing the training responsibility of the Union in a cost-effective, sustainable manner, including secretarial responsibility for the Governing Board of the Asian-Pacific Postal College:*

implementing such measures as are necessary to achieve efficient business continuity including the continuous review of rules, regulations and general business policies of the Union;

ensuring the interests and expectations of the membership and other stakeholders are appropriately assigned, coordinated and managed as required;

managing relationships with APPU members; and ensuring, through proactive stakeholder management, a cooperative and harmonious working relationship with the other bodies of the Union as well as with key external parties.

There are three significant issues that the successful applicant will be required to deal with i.e., the profile, activities and strategy of the APPU in the next cycle; the future role of the APPU as a restricted union in the UPU system; and the financial sustainability of activities in the Asian-Pacific Postal College

The key areas that the EC will focus on in reviewing the performance of the Secretary General include:

the strategy and business plans for the APPU: the development and sustainability of the Bureau’s services and markets; the quality and types or programs and consultancy services provided by the Bureau;

leadership of Bureau staff:

stakeholder engagement and management (internal and external); and

promotion and discussion about major policy issues at UPU level and acceleration of collaborative initiatives with the UPU as one of its restricted unions.

To provide member governments and candidates with additional context for the position of Secretary General, a separate document has been prepared viz., "Important Background Information for Governments and Candidates". [t is recommended that the document be read in conjunction with the Position Description.

3 The Asian-Pacific Postal College is currently the most significant part of the role of the Secretary

General. Further details regarding the College can be found at http://www.appu-bureau.org/appe/appe-home/


This document is referenced in Part 6 (Supplementary Information) of the Position Description for the

Secretary General of the APPU. It has been prepared to assist governments and candidates with

expressions of interest and nomination processes.


The position of Secretary General of the APPU is open to officials from the Asia-Pacific region. The

jobholder will be a self-starter capable of creating and managing his/her own workload, with an acute

awareness of personal accountability for achieving results.

Activity Sources

In principle, the activities to be undertaken result from the interests of members as directed by the

APPU Congress, the APPU EC, or the APPC Governing Board. In addition, there are external

requirements arising from the UPU Strategic Plan as well as from Decisions (not amending the Acts)

made by UPU Congresses.

Other activity can be generated through the regular communications from the UPU (circulars and

circular- letters), the Regional Development Projects, and the servicing of the four-year cycle of

strategy and planning led by the UPU.

Networks and Stakeholder Management (Relationships)

The position has a:

functional network (Thai Government, APPU EC, APP Cooperative, APPC Governing Board, UPU

IB, UPU Regional Project Coordinator);

member network (APPU members); and a

peer network (other Restricted Unions, international organisations and other

parties).A chart showing the three stakeholder groupings is attached as an Appendix.

A planned approach for the development and maintenance of the relationships with each of these

networks is expected.

Management Tools

In order to create and manage expectations (particularly with the Secretary General’s functional

network), a variety of tools will be used e.g., a Four-Year Plan (prepared between the UPU and APPU

Congresses), standard business plans, audit reports, and stakeholder surveys.


It is a standard business process for three main reports to be prepared each year as set out below.

A plan* for the year ahead in terms of activities, budget, etc, including the main Key Performance

Indicators (KPIs) and how these will be measured. This is normally signed off between the

Jobholder and the person to whom he/she reports (i.e., the APPU EC represented either by the

Chair or, depending on organisational decisions that may be made, a Personnel Committee acting

for the EC),

4 The Plan incorporates the Administrative, Consultancy and Training Sections.

A report indicating progress against KPIs after the first six months of the year (submitted to the

EC Chair or, depending on organisational decisions that may be made, a Personnel Committee

acting for the EC).

A report indicating performance against KPIs for the full year. This report determines the overall

performance of the jobholder. It would be submitted to the EC Chair or, depending on

organisational decisions that may be made, a Personnel Committee acting for the EC). The EC

would, in due course, confirm the performance level attained.

In addition, key events such as overseas visits, important meetings and one-off projects should be

reported on (it being noted that, where overseas travel is concerned, participation and reporting is tobe

aligned with KPIs). Such reports should either cover an agreed agenda and/or pay careful attentionto

what stakeholders need to read.

Financial Management

A jobholder in any business is expected to manage financial matters responsibly. This means, among

other things, knowing the procedures and limits of delegated authorities, being fully accountable for

personal expenditure, maintaining transparency in all financial matters, and leading by example in the

conservation of costs.

Financial management includes competence in numeracy, as well as the ability to analyse financial

trends and anticipate financial issues.

Human Resources Management

The Bureau is to gradually move to activity management that is driven by the standard processes of

Position Description, setting of objectives, performance management, and reporting of results via an

appraisal method.

In addition, the Secretary General should have a formal feedback survey once a year conducted among

the Bureau staff.

The jobholder will be looked to as a modern-day manager with competence and track-record in three

current key areas of human resource management i.e., soft skills, equitable sharing of workload, and

work/life balance.

Person Specification

The ideal person in the Secretary General position would have the following skills, attributes,

knowledge and experience.

Management style

e« Leadership: communicates and drives a clear and united vision, generates enthusiasm and

commitment, and supports other leaders.

e Relationships: builds long-lasting, successful relationships with members, stakeholders and


¢ Communications: presents oral and written messages in a clear and articulate manner and

negotiates persuasively to facilitate mutually beneficial solutions.

« Team-work: can create and maintain an environment that facilitates cooperation and


e Cultural Awareness: is sensitive to people from different cultures and beliefs, and values

individual differences and diversity.

Task Strategic Thinking: identifies issues and opportunities, and develops solutions with long-term


Business Perspective: manages their area of responsibility as a business operation and unifies

business units with the strategic direction.

Planning and Organizing: plans, organizes and delegates work appropriately.

Improvement Focus: seeks to understand who the stakeholders are. their needs and



Impact: advocates effectively and acts appropriately as an ambassador and spokesperson in

public and internal forums, with utmost integrity and professionalism.

accountability, and seizes opportunities.

Expertise and Knowledge:

Business Planning: prepares effective business and operational plans that align with

organisational objectives and financial forecasts.

Project Management: plans and manages multiple projects to successful conclusion.

Representation: understands the region’s issues and priorities and is able to position them in

forums, particularly in the UPU, tactfully and effectively.

Training: knows a range of adult training and educational methods and understands adult


Postal Knowledge: understands and monitors the challenges and best practices in the postal

sector both regionally and internationally.

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