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DOP Finacle Menu List 2022 (Updated) | Download Post Office Finacle Menu List in PDF | Latest India Post Module wise Finacle Command List

Post Office Finacle Menu List. DOP CBS Finacle Command List. Module wise India Post Finacle menu list. Latest Updated Module wise Finacle menu list. Counter Postal Assistant may use list of below mentioned CBS Finacle menu list for discharging Postal Banking operation work. 

Download DOP Finacle Menu List in PDF

DOP CBS Finacle Menu Related to CIF ID:

CDEDUP - To see whether the customer is already a existing customer

CCRC - For creation of CIF

CCRC - CIF creation needs a verification by Supervisor

CMRC- CIF Modification

CMRC- Suspension of CIF ID

HCCA - Merger of CIFID

HCRV - Inquiring of CIF IDs(Customer Relationship View)

Post Office Finacle Menu used for POSB ACCOUNT:


CASBAO - For opening a savings account

CASBAV - For verification of an opened account

CASBAOM- For modification of an account BEFORE verification

CASBAM- For modification of an account AFTER verification

CTM/CXFER - For cash and transfer transactions respectively

HPBP - Pass Book Printing

HCAAC - To close a savings account and for verification for closure

CNAC - Finding out the new account number from the Old accoun number

HCBM - Changing the status of the customer from Minor to Major

HACXFRSC-Scheme code change

Term Deposit (TD)

CMISAOP- To open an account

CMISAOPV - Verification by Supervisor

CMISAOPM - To modify an account before verification

CMISAM - To modify an account after verification

CTM - Fundan account by cash for POSA

CXFER - Fund an account by through transfer for POSA

HTDTRAN - Transaction inquiry

TDRED/HTDREN - To renew a TD account

HCAACTD- To close a TD account

HCAACVITD - Verification of closure

Monthly Income Scheme(MIS)

CMISAOP - To open an account

CMISAOPV- Verify the account

CMISAOPM - Modification Before Verification

CMISAM - Modification After Verification

HCAACTD - For closure/ pre-closure of the account,

HCAACVID - Verification

HTM - Interest to be paid by debiting SUNDARY DEPOSIT MIS

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme(SCSS)


CSCAOP- For opening an SCSS deposit account

CSCAOPM- Modification BEFORE Verification

CSCAOPV - The account opening verification

CSCAM - Account modification AFTER Verification

HCAACTD - Closure of an SCSS account

HCAACVITD - Closure verification

HTDTRAN-SCSS interest /TDS inquiry

HTDREN-SCSS A/C extension

Recurring Deposit(RD)

CRDOAAC - For opening of recurring deposit account

CRDOAACV- Verification of opening

CRDOAACM - Modification in the account before verification

CRDACM - Modification in the account After verification

CRDP - RD Account transaction maintenance

CRDCAAC - For closure of recurring deposit account

CRDCAACV- Verification of the closure account

Public Provident Fund(PPF) & Sukanya Samridhi Account(SSA)

CPPFAO- To open a PPF & SSA account

CPPFAV- Verification

CPDTM - Funding and for all the future deposits in the PPF & SSA account

CPWITM - Part withdrawal

HAFSM - To unfreeze the account for

CPPFAOM - PPF & SSA A/c can be modified before verification

CPPFAM - PPF & SSA A/c modification after verification


HCAAC - To close a PPF account & SSA A/c

CMISAOP- For Opening a NSC Account

CMISAOPV- Verification

HPBP- For printing NSC

CMISAOPM - Modification of an NSC account can be done BEFORE verification

CMISAM - Modification AFTER Verification can

CSCCAAC- For closing an account and this require verification by the Supervisors by the same menu option

HPR - Reportcan be viewed

CSCACM- For modification of a KVP account

CSCCAAC- For premature closure /closure on maturity of a KVP

HCCA - Transfer of KVP Account from one customer to another customer

 HACLI - For balance inquiryin a KVP account.

CNSBCV-NSC/KVP bulk closure


 CAOLARD- To open a loan account against RD

CAOMLARD - For Modification Before Verification

CACMLARD - For Modification After Verification

CAOVLARD - Verification

LARDD- For disbursement of the sanctioned amount

HLAUPAY - For making unscheduled payments (for both bullet and monthly instalment loans)

HLASPAY - For making scheduled payments ( for monthly installment loans)

HPAYOFF-Full RD loan repayment

CAACLA - For closure of the RD loan account

HPAYOFF/CAACLA - Verification of loan repayment and closing


CLPPFAO- To open a loan account against PPF

CLPPFAOV- Verification

CLPPFAOM- Modification before verification

CLPPFAM- Modification after verification

CPWIM - For PPF Withdrawal, Loan Disbursement and Interest Recovery Invoke the menu option 

CLPR and HACINT before proceeding with account closure

CPDTM- For the repayment of the loan and closing the loan account

CPDTM- Verification


HIOT - Inquire on transaction

HIOGLT - Inquiry on GL transaction

HACLINQ - Office Account Ledger Inquiry

HACLPOA - Office A/c. Ledgers Print


HAGTXP-Agent RD schedule posting

HDSAMM-New agent creation

HDSAIP- Total Agents inquiry in a SOL


HAITINQ - Account Interest Inquiry

HCUIR - Customer Interest Inquiry

HAINTRPT - Account Interest report

HINTTI - Interest Details Inquiry

HLINTI - Inquiry on Interest

HIARM - Interest Adjustment

HFINRPT-Report generation

HPR-Print report


HCCI - Customer wise charges Inquiry

IFD - Inquire Fee details

CCCSA - Closed Charges For Silent Account

HGCHRG - Collection various service charges

HADVC - Receipt Printing

HCHGIR - Report generation of service charges collected through Finacle


HACS - Account Selection

HACSP - Account selection and Print

HACCBAL - Components of account balance

HACCBALI - Account balance inquiry

HACLI - Account Ledger inquiry

HABMR - Account below minimum balance report

 HACLPCA - Account ledger print

HCUACC - Account of customer

HCRV - Customer Search

HCUDET - Inquire on General Details of Customer

HACI - Signature Verification

VSPH - View Signature and Photograph List


HISAI - Inventory Split and Inquiry

HIIA - Inventory Inquiry All

HIMI - Inquire on Inventory Movement

HISI - Inquiring on the inventory

HIMC-Add & Inventory movement

HINQACHQ-Find POSB A/c by Cheque no.

HCHBI-Find issued ,used/unused cheque no. By POSB A/c no.

HICHB-Cheque Book issue

HISAIl-Cheque book split (By user)

HISIA-Cheque book split(of any user by supervisor)

HIMIA-Merge splitted cheque book leaves

HCHBM-Destroy cheque leaves


HBR - Balancing report

HQBR - Quick balancing report

HPR - Print report

HISTR - Inter sol transaction report

HISAR - Inter sol audit report

HEXCPRPT - Exceptions Report

HFINRPT - FINRPT Report Generation

HGR - General Report

HPDB - Day Book printing

Other inquiry and reports

HSPRG - Generate Stop Payment Register Report

HSCWRPT - Shroff Cash Report

CATREP - Accounts Transfer Report

HMR - Monthly/Yearly Statistical report

CSCB - Scheme Balances

CNSR - HNSR (Monthly/Yearly Nomination Statistical Reports)

HMEMOPAD - Memo pad Maintenance

HACASHPND-Cash pending closed in cash


HACCDET - General Account details

HGDET - General details

HRELACI - Renewed account inquiry

HPLIST - Pending installment List (Recurring Deposit)

HCUMAT - Customer accounts maturities

HCUTD - Term Deposit of the customer

HDTRS - Deposit Transactions Report Summary

HRENHIST - Term Deposit Renewal History Details of Account

HTDSIP - Tax Report Options

HTDSREP - Customer Wise TDS Report

CICD-Customer details

HTDTRAN-Interest/TDS inquiry


HFTI - Financial Transaction Inquiry

HFTR - Financial Transaction Report

HAFI-Unverified CIF/Ac inquiry

HTCPIAE - Tellercash position Inquiry - employee

HTCPIAC - Tellercash position Inquiry- currency

HOCI - Outward cheques Inquiry

HABI - Balance Inquiry

HACSBIO - A/c. Shadow Balance Inquiry

CNSTRP - Transactions Report


 CATREP - Accounts transfer Report

CCHQREP - Cheques Report Generation

CMITMA - Minor to Major Report

CRVACC - Dormant Accounts revived Report

CSIREP - Silent account Report

CAFUREP - Account Freeze and Unfreeze Report

CWAREP - Welcome Kit Account Report

CWDREP - Report of SB Withdrawals above Rs. 10000

HACDET - A/c. Balance Details

CNAC - Old Accounts Details Look Up

HACCDET - Inquire on General Details of Account

HAFSM - Account freeze/Unfreeze

HSSII - Inquire on standing instructions maintenance

HSIREPTS - Standing Instructions Reports

HPBP-Passbook print

HPSP-A/C statement

CINTC-Interest certificate generation

HSSIM-Add Standing instructions


HCULA - Loan accounts of customer report

HLNGI - Loan General Details

HLACLI - Ledger Inquiry

HPORDM-NEFT/RTGS transaction(Fund transfer to other bank )

HSMI-Inquiry of NEFT/RTGS transaction

HFTI - Financial Transaction Inquiry


HISCOD - Perform Day End


HSCOLD - SOL Closure for Last Day

HSSI - Inquire on SOL status


Prepared by

Tara Prasad Mahapatra

PA,Paralakhemundi HO - 761200

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