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DOP Sify Network DO's and Don'ts | Post Office Sify Network informative adivice

Post Office Sify Network Integrator (NI) DO's and Don'ts advice. DOP Sify Network Guidelines for Post Office Users. India Post Sify Network steps for keeping the Network equipments durable and make it work for long time. Sify Technologies Ltd. Official Network Integrator of INDIA POSTS.
  • Remember DoP — CSI Helpdesk Number 022-62312700
  • Remember Circuit ID for Primary & Secondary Connectivity for Logging Complain in NOC
  • Follow Escalation Matrix for Restoration of Connectivity.
  • Check Power Source of Network Rack Regularly.
  • Check Earthing Parameter Monthly.
  • UPS Power MUST for Network Equipment.
  • Inform Sify NOC before adding any Computer or Laptop in LAN.
  • Regular Cleaning of Network Rack (Inside & nearby of rack)
Don'ts :

  • Don’t Shut Off Power of Network Rack.
  • Don’t Unplug any Cable from Network Rack.
  • Don’t Plug Any Other Devices/Appliances from Network Power Source.
  • Don’t Place Unmanaged Switch in the LAN Environment.
  • Don’t Put Any Unwanted Objects Nearby Rack.
  • Don’t Plug Network Equipment in Raw Power Source.
  • Don’t interchange any Computer or Laptop from Switch Port.
  • Don’t allow any unauthorised person to check Network Rack/Network Equipment.


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