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    Notification for re-conduction of Paper VI of AAO LDCE Exam 2022 - Addendum | Post Office AAO Exam 2022 on 3rd September

    No.3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/2421-2516

    Government of India

    Ministry of Communications

    Department of Posts

    PA Wing, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.

    Dated: 05-08-2022


    Sub: Issue of notification for re-conduction of Paper VI of AAO LDCE 2022 - reg.

    Download Post Office AAO Reconduction Exam Notification addendum in PDF

    The Re-examination Notification for Paper-VI (Information Technology) of the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination-2022 for AAO cadre of IP&TAFS Group-B along with annexure ‘1’ is enclosed herewith for wide circulation and further necessary action.

    This issues with the approval of the competent authority.



    No: 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/2 42) —2s) & Date: 5th August 2022

    Limited Departmental Competitive Examination, 2022 for Recruitment to AAO Cadre of IP&TAFS, Group ‘B’

    In continuation of Examination Notification No. 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/10869-10956 dated 15.2.2022 as amended vide No. 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/11266-11370 dated 2.3.2022, 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/11506 dated 14.3.2022 & 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/844-913 dated 23.5.2022, the following addendum regarding reconduct of Paper VI - Information Technology, of LDCE AAO 2022 is issued.

    1. Schedule of LDCE AAO Examination:

    Tentative Date of Issue of Admit Card for Paper VI of AAO Exam is : 23rd August 2022

    Tentative Date of Reconduct of Paper VI - Information Technology is: 3rd September 2022


    Shift 1: 09:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    Shift 2: 2:30 p.m. to 05:30 p.m. (if required)

    *Subject to change due to administrative reasons

    2. Eligibility: All the applicants of LDCE AAO 2022 who were issued Admit Cards for appearing in LDCE AAO 2022 conducted from 26" May 2022 to 29** May 2022 are eligible to appear in the Paper VI — Information Technology, which is being re-conducted due to administrative reasons.

    3. Syllabus & Pattern of Examination: The syllabus & pattern of Paper VI - Information Technology shall remain exactly as per Examination Notification No. 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/10869-10956 dated 25.2.2022 as amended vide No. 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/11266- 11370 dated 2.3.2022, 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/11506 dated 14.3.2022 & 3-37/2022- PACE/LDCE AAO/844-913 dated 23.5.2022.

    4. State Nodal Officers: The Sate Nodal Officers of States/UTs/Circles shall be exactly as per Examination Notification No. 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/10869-10956 dated 15.2.2022 as amended vide No. 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/11266-11370 dated 2.3.2022, 3-37/2022- PACE/LDCE AAO/11506 dated 14.3.2022 & 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/844-913 dated 23.5.2022, with the following exception:

    State/UT Exam State Nodal Officer Postal Address


    Uttarakhand Dehradun Director Accounts Postal, GPO Compound, Near

    Dehradun Clock Tower, Dehradun,

    Uttarakhand -248001

    5. Admit Cards:

    a) The Admit Cards (in format given in Annexure 1) will be dispatched by post by the State Nodal Officers of respective states/UTs/circles.

    b) In case the applicant does not receive admit card 3 days prior to commencement of examination, he/she is advised to contact the State Nodal Officer along with photocopy of his/her application form and acknowledgement of submission of form to Divisional/Unit (in cases other than Postal Divisions).

    6. Applicants may note that only the marks secured in the re-conducted Paper VI — Information Technology, along with marks secured in Papers | to V conducted from 26th May to 28th May 2022 shall be considered for preparation of Merit List of LDCE AAO 2022.

    7. All other rules/procedures/instructions to applicants shall remain as per Examination Notification No. 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/10869-10956 dated 15.2.2022 as amended vide No. 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/11266-11370 dated 2.3.2022, 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/11506 dated 14.3.2022 & 3-37/2022-PACE/LDCE AAO/844-913 dated 23.5.2022.

    8. ‘Instructions to Applicants’ issued vide 19-1/2021-22/AAO LDCE 2022 dated 4.5.2022 as amended by 19-1/2021-22/AAO LDCE 2022 dated 20.5.2022 shall also apply.

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