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    IPPB TaTa Insurance Claim Procedure | IPPB TaTa GAG (Group Insurance Guard) General Insurance policy Claim Steps, Procedure, List of Documents

    Please contact TaTa Insurance 24-hour Toll Free Call Center on 18002667780 or general.claims@tataaig.com for intimation of any IPPB TaTa Insurance claim. Please intimate the Call Center as soon as a claim / loss occurs, in order for TaTa to provide you prompt and effective assistance. 

    Please have the following information ready when you call the Call Center: 

    1. Contact numbers/email ID of caller and Insured / Nominee. 

    2. Policy Number with certificate number 

    3. Name of Injured / Insured person,( s.no. in the schedule of the policy) 

    4. Date & Time of Loss 

    5. Place of accident/incidence. 

    6. Nature of accident/incidence and details of injury suffered. 

    The following is a general check list of documents required for processing your claim:

    Accidental Medical Expenses 

    A. Duly completed claim form. 

    B. Copy Discharge/Death Summary, if any. 

    C. Copy of FIR/MLC. D. Original medical Bills with payment receipts & prescriptions. 

    Accident Death 

    A. Duly completed claim form. 

    B. Copy of Death Certificate 

    C. Copy of FIR & Police Panchnama Report, MLC 

    D. Copy of Post Mortem Report. 

    E. Copy complete medical records including Discharge/Death Summary, Laboratory, Radiological investigation records, if any. 

    F. Copy of Chemical or viscera report, if any. 

    G. Copy of salary with Date of Joining.

    Temporary Total Disability 

     Dully filled claim form. 

     Copy of complete medical records/consultation or Discharge Summary, if any. 

     Copy of Laboratory, Radiological investigation reports. 

     Copy of follow up consultation papers. 

     Copy of fitness certificate from treating Doctor. 

     Copy of employer leave certificate, if employed. 

     Copy of salary with Date of Joining.

    Accident Dismemberment/ Permanent Total / Partial Disability 

     Duly completed claim form. 

     Copy Discharge Summary. 

     Copy of follow up consultation papers. 

     Copy of FIR/Panchnama & MLC. 

     Copy of disability certificate from Civil Surgeon competent & authorised for the same. 

     Complete photograph of insured person showing the dismembered / disabled body part.  Copy of salary with Date of Joining

     The above list is only indicative. We may call for additional documents/ information and/or carry out investigation where felt necessary. 

     Dully Filled CKYC form, copy of Pan card, copy of residence proof for any claim above 1 Lakhs. 

     Kindly submit the scan documents for assessment as an attachment to e-mail (size upto 4 MB

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