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SB Order 10/2022 | Roll out of RICT CBS version 2.0.1 in RICT CBS devices from 27.06.2022

SB Order No. 10/2022.

F. No.FS-10/47-2021-FS-DOP

Govt. of India

Ministry of Communications

Department of Posts

(FS Division)

Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001

Dated: 24.06.2022

Subject: - Regarding roll out of RICT CBS version 2.0.1 in RICT CBS devices from 27.06.2022.

Download SB Order 10 2022 in PDF

New RICT CBS version 2.0.1 for RICT devices have been developed and tested. The competent authority has decided to roll out RICT CBS version 2.0.1. The roll out of RICT CBS version 2.0.1 in RICT devices will be done from 27.06.2022 to 13.07.2022.

2. The following changes have been made in the RICT CBS version 2.0. 1:-

At present for most of the errors faced in RICT-CBS application a common error message “Transaction not processed due to network issues. Please try again” is displayed. In the new version 2.0.1, error codes are categorised and configured, so that indicative error messages are displayed to help field user/ support personnel to identify the impacted layer for early resolution of issues. List of few common errors configured for the impacted layer are listed below which would enable DO/Sys admin/PO users to raise ticket with the concerned team. No changes have been made inthe existing application functionalities and in the Transaction Update functionality If any of the newly configured error messages are seen during a transaction, users can check transaction status in Transaction Update functionality and decide on further action.


SNo |RICT - CBS - Error description Issue to be resolved by

1 Card issuer inoperative Finacle Team (Env Team)

2 Finacle system error occurred. Please contact system administrator Finacle Team (Env Team)

3 Finacle service timed out- Check transaction update Finacle Team (Env Team)

4 FSlwebservice- Server internal connectivity error RICT- CBS

5 Unable to connect to server. Please try again RICT- CBS

6 FSlwebservice- Time Out occurred while connecting to Service RICT- CBS/FINACLE

Error downloading replied:

7 Gateway Time-out RSI Error downloading -

8 Server replied - server error RSI Error downloading Server replied -

9 server error RSI

10 Strip Biometric service- Invalid inputs to service RSI on ERROR: TIMEOQUT/Network unreachable Network

3. Circles are requested to follow the following instruction for a smooth rollout of RICT CBS version 2.0.1 in RICT devices.

a. RSI Team will carry out roll out activities as per schedule attached.

b. Necessary instructions to be given to BPMs for keeping the device powered on the planned rollout date.

C: Post successful roll out, BPMs can carry out the regular work.

d. Transactions carried out in the older version will not reflect in Daily Transaction Report (DTR) after the version upgrade. BPM shall be requested to take DTR if it is required for previous dates before the version upgrade.

4. It is requested to circulate the roll-out plan for RICT CBS version 2.0.1 to all CBS Post Offices along with RICT

CBS Branch Post Offices for information, guidance, and necessary action and it is to be ensured that all Branch Post Offices get upgraded to the newer version of 2.0.1 within the strict timeline.

5. Hindi version of this order will be issued in due course

6. This issues with the approval of Competent Authority

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