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    MCQ On CBS Manual 2021 | Quiz Questions and Answers on Post Office CBS Manual 2021 | Post Office LDC Exam MCQ Set [24]

    MCQs On POSB CBS Manual 2021,Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on Post Office CBS Manual 2021. Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.


    1. Nomination can be made in the name of maximum ____________ individuals in POSB schemes

    A 4

    B 6

    C 3

    D 2




    2. From the date of recipt of SB order _____ registration of nomination is mandatory in all types of accounts

    A SB orders 17/2018

    B SB order 15/2020

    C SB orders 13/2022

    D SB orders 13/2019




    3. If the depositer in joint account ceases to be citizen of india , the account shall be

    A Continued till it's maturity

    B Close on the day in which depositor ceases to be citizen of india

    C Closed from the last day of month preceding the month in which depositor ceases to be citizen of India

    D Continuded and benefits will be available on non repatriation basis




    4. Whenever any SB document is sent dy the HO to SO it should be entered in sb slip ______ prepared in _________

    A SB 26 , single

    B SB 28 , triplicate

    C SB 33 , quqdruple

    D SB 27 , duplicate




    5. Receipts for depositor passbook ________to be prepared in _________& has machine numbered in book of __________receipts

    A SB 26 , single & 100

    B SB 28 , duplicate & 50

    C SB 28 , triplicate & 50

    D SB 26 , duplicate & 100




    6.Preliminary receipts_______ are printed in book of__________ receipts in ________ for branch post offices

    A SB 12,25 & Duplicate

    B SB 28,100 & Triplicate

    C SB 26,50 & Triplicate

    D SB 33,200 & Triplicate



    7. If the depositor fails to take delvery of his/her passbook within_________days from the date of its receipt in the SO, the SO will forward the passbook to HO

    A 15 days

    B 30 days

    C 60 days

    D 90 days




    8. Which one of the following form is used as register of undeliverable passbook ?

    A SB 5A

    B SB 10(b)

    C SB 12(c)

    D SB 26




    9. Which one of the following scheme does not use SB-5 passbook ?

    A MIS

    B TD

    C PPF

    D SCSS



    10. Stock register of passbook in form _________ will be maintained manually separately for SB-5 and SB-5A in Head Post Office

    A SB-3

    B SB-14

    C SB 4(a)

    D sb 10(a)




    1. Post Office Savings Schemes Short Notes

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