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POSB CBS Manual Corrected up to 31.12.2021 | Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) (Core Banking System) Manual 2022

Department of Posts is providing National Savings Schemes facilities across the country through a network of more than 1.56 lakh post offices. Since Independence, Post Office Savings Bank has emerged from its limited role of providing the people with a safe means of securing their savings to a major instrument for mobilising savings for meeting development expenditure of the nation. 

The deposits in National Savings Schemes have increased significantly i.e. almost double the deposit amount during the last five years.

Government introduce various schemes from time to time to suit the varying requirements of various sections of the society. The Department is trying its best to provide more and more facilities to the post office account holders. Many facilities have been introduced for the depositors i.e. Core Banking Solution, Internet Banking/Mobile Banking, ATM, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facilities.

Ministry of Finance has revised General rules and various Schemes rules.  Many  procedural  and  technological  changes  have  been implemented recently in respect of Post Office Savings Bank Operation. I compliment DDG (FS) and his team to incorporate all the changes in rules/procedure and update the POSB(CBS) Manual.

I have no doubt that the manual will prove extremely useful for the post office staff and officers for their different official requirements. It will facilitate smooth operation of National Savings Schemes in the post offices. post Office Savings Bank came into existence since 1882. It is governed and regulated by Government Savings Promotion Act 1873. Post Office Small Savings have played a pivotal role in mobilising savings and utilising the same towards various developmental activities.

Department of Posts is providing National Savings Schemes facilities on behalf of Ministry of Finance all across the country through its vast network of more than 1.56 lakh post offices.

A number of General rules and various Scheme rules have been amended and related procedural and technology improvements have been carried out since “Post Office Savings Bank (Core Banking System) Manual" was last published in the year 2018. It was felt essential to update information/rules and procedures therein and prepare a revised Manual.

I appreciate the efforts of Shri Pawan Kumar Singh, Deputy Director General (Financial Services) and his team for updating POSB (CBS) Manual by incorporating all the rules, orders and guidelines. Apart from that, interest rates from 01.04.1982 onwards on all National Savings Schemes as well as forms being used in post offices have also been incorporated in this manual.

This updated Manual shall meet a long standing need of postal employees and shall contribute towards improving the quality of service concerning various aspects related to Saving Bank operations in post offices.

Department of Posts is providing Small Savings Schemes to the citizens of the country since 1882. Small Savings Schemes are the oldest and safest schemes providing sovereign guarantee of the Government of India to the account holders.

Department has undertaken many technology and procedural improvements since General rules and various Scheme rules were amended. It was necessary to update information/rules and procedures in the existing POSB (CBS) Manual and come out with an updated edition.

This POSB (CBS) Manual has been compiled and updated by Shri Devendra Sharma and Shri T.C. Vijayan, Assistant Directors, FS Division. I am extremely happy to see the updated POSB (CBS) Manual contains all the updated procedures along with many useful information. Inputs received from different Circles and PTCs have also been incorporated in the updated edition.

The Manual has 20 chapters containing the statutory and procedural rules relating to the National Savings Schemes, Jan Suraksha Schemes and Authorised Agency System. In addition, there are 20 appendices containing the procedures and information about KYC/AML/CFT norms, cheque clearing process, e-Banking, m- Banking, role of SBCO etc.

I hope this updated POSB (CBS) Manual will be extremely useful for the staff working in the post offices, Postal Training Centres, Postal Administrative offices including the members of public.

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