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    IPO Rules 1933 MCQ | Quiz Questions and Answers on Indian Post Office Rules 1933 | Post Office MCQ Set [38]

    MCQs On IPO Rules 1933 ,Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on IPO Rules 1933 (Indian Post Office Rules 1933). SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers.Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.



    1. Which one of the following statement is false in case of conditions which should be met for transmission of Book packet containing Printed Books?

    A Such books packet shall not contain any publication, published at regular intervals

    B Such book packet shall bear on the outside the inscription “Printed books”

    C Each book in such book packet shall contain the name of the printer or publisher

    D Each book in such book packet shall bear any character or inscription reproduced by any means other than printing.




    2. Which one of the following statement is false regarding transmission of Postcards?

    A The mode of prepayment of postage of privately manufactured postcards, envelopes and inland letter cards shall be made through cash

    B They shall be neither thinner nor more flexible than the inland post cards issued by the post office

    C The postage shall be prepaid in full

    D Single and reply cards of private manufacture may be transmitted by post as post cards




    3. Which one of the following statement is false regarding Bill Mail Service?

    A Service provider to provide it to a customer at least once in 90 days

    B The posting of the bill mail shall not be less than 5000 pieces at a time

    C communication in the nature of letter mail or commercial publicity items

    D The communication in the nature of financial statement, bill, monthly account bill or other such item of similar nature posted by a service




    4. Which one of the following statement is false regarding Letter Cards?

    A The weight of the letter card shall not exceed five grams

    B Letter cards may be transmitted by post with or without prepayment of postage

    C if it is posted by infringe conditions, it shall be taxed as a letter and double the deficiency at letter postage rate shall be recovered subject to a minimum of Re. 1/

    D Letter cards have three flaps




    5. A letter envelope should be made of minimum __________paper

    A 70 GSM

    B 60 GSM

    C 75 GSM

    D 80 GSM




    6. Which one of the following statement is false regarding weight of various categories of parcels?

    A A registered parcel shall not exceed 10 kilograms if it is posted at or addressed to a branch post office

    B The maximum volumetric weight permissible shall be 35 kilograms

    C Unregistered parcel shall not exceed 4 kilograms

    D Business parcel shall be greater than or equal to 2 kgs and shall not exceed 35 Kgs



    7. The length of a parcel shall not exceed one meter and the length and girth combined shall not exceed ________

    A 1.75 meter

    B 1.25 meter

    C 1.4 meter

    D 1.8 meter




    8. Which one of the following statement is false regarding Description of a 'Letter'?

    A Form of communication, whether written or printed by any manual, mechanical or electronic device

    B It Includes express letter, document bill, financial statement, monetory instrument etc

    C Open or Closed envelope, pocket containers and wrappers containing such communications

    D None of these




    9. Which one of the following statement is false in respect of Philatelic counter( sale of philatelic items)?

    A Special cancellation on First Day Covers

    B Registration facility for opening of Philatelic Deposit Accounts

    C Standard cancelation of First day of issue

    D Sale of Special/Commemorative Stamps



    10. Which one of the following section gives the power to make rules(IPO Rules) under Indian Post Office Act 1898?

    A Section 76

    B Section 6

    C Section 9

    D Section 74



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    1. IPO Rules 1933 Quiz

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