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    Pay PLI Premium Through IPPB Mobile Banking APP | PLI / RPLI premium payment now available through IPPB (India Post Payments Bank)

    PLI / RPLI premium payment now available through IPPB CUSTOMER Mobile app, counters, micro ATM & Standing Instructions.

    PLI-IPPB integration solution will facilitate renewal premium collection of PLI/RPLI policies through following IPPB channels-

    I. IPPB counters– 

    Customer can visit Post Office IPPB counter to deposit PLI/RPLI premium.

    II. IPPB mobile App– 

    Customer can deposit their PLI/RPLI premium through IPPB mobile app.

    III. IPPB Micro ATMs – 

    In addition to other IPPB services, now Postman will be able to facilitate customer to deposit their PLI/RPLI premium using Micro ATM device.  

    IV. Standing Instructions through IPPB accounts –

    Customer can register for Standing Instruction either by visiting IPPB counters or using IPPB Mobile App. Every month, PLI-RPLI premium will be debited automatically from their IPPB account.

    This is for the first time PLI/RPLI premium can be paid by citizens directly through mobile app on a self service mode. 

    Secretary Posts had launched it today and the services are now available LIVE. 

    The SOP/ SAP is being circulated separately. 

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