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    CCS Conduct Rules 1964 MCQ | CCS (Central Civil Services) Conduct Rules 1964 Quiz Questions and Answers | Postal Exam MCQ [Set 14]

    MCQs On CCS Conduct Rules 1964, Quiz Questions on CCS Conduct Rules 1964, Mock Test on CCS Conduct Rules 1964, Short Notes on CCS Conduct Rules 1964. Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.


    1.Prohibition of sexual harassment of working women is defined in which Rule of CCS Conduct Rules 1964 ?

    A Rule 3-A

    B Rule 3-C

    C Rule 3-B

    D Rule 3-D




    2. Identify the CCS Conduct rule that defines the "Observance of Government’s Policies" ?

    A Rule 3-A

    B Rule 3-C

    C Rule 3-B

    D Rule 3-D




    3. CCS Conduct Rules come into force on

    A 1964

    B 1965

    C 1966

    D 1968




    4. In which part of CCS Conduct Rules 1964, the prevention of corruption Act 1988 is reproduced?

    A Rule 12

    B Appendix-III

    C Appendix-II

    D Appendix-IV




    5. No Government servant shall give, take or abet dowry in accordance with what rule of CCS Conduct Rules 1964 ?

    A Rule 13 A

    B Rule 3 A

    C Rule 9

    D Rule 8




    6.Identify the rule under CCS Conduct Rules 1964 that speaks about a Governement servant possessing movable, immovable, and valuable property ?

    A Rule 10

    B) Rule 15 (2)(c)

    C Rule 5

    D Rule 18



    7.A Government servant shall not speculate in any stock except occasional investments as per which rule of CCS Conduct Rules 1964 ?

    A Rule 16

    B Rule 10

    C Rule 7

    D Rule 13




    8.The conduct of a Government servant regarding raising of "subscriptions" is discussed in which rule of CCS Conduct Rules 1964?

    A Rule 12

    B Rule 8

    C Rule 4

    D Rule 6




    9.A Government Servant having spouse living contracts for marriage without any valid reason, whether?

    A He can do so

    B He can so so without permission of the authority concerned

    C Nothing is concerned with the service rules/conduct rules

    D He cannot do so



    10. A Government servant serving in an area where prohibition is in force appears in a public place in a state of intoxication ?

    A It is violative of CCS Conduct Rules 1964

    B It is violative of Excise Rules of the State

    C He may do so after office hours

    D It is objectionable




    1. CCS Conduct Rules 1964 Short Notes 

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